Monday, August 17, 2009

Random thoughts #11

Things that cross my mind while relishing in my fifth straight "Match for the Cap" victory.

Life is so short we don't get to realize it. Its a flash in time. My dad was 86 when he died almost 15 years ago. 54 when I was born. When I turned 18 and he was 72, he told me that the rest of my life would pass faster than the first 18 years. He lied. Its been faster than that but its still a lot of fun.

Women are complicated. Once you realize that, the battle is easier. I will say this, trying to figure them out is a task. I'd rather contemplate the physics associated with time travel. Just sayin.

Baseball is the best sport on the planet. Though I don't follow it like I used to, its still awesome. There is more going on in two innings of a baseball game than in four quarters of football.

Speaking of my dad, I wished I would have listened to him more. I am glad that I decided to start paying attention more the last few years of his life. There is no way I'd be where I am if I hadn't.

If this health care passes in any form resembling any of the five bills as they are presented, we are sunk as a nation. We are the most powerful and BEST nation on earth but will become the biggest third world country on the planet.

I lied to my father once and got caught. It still hurts me when I think about it. I never lied to him again. Have I lied since then, yes, but in almost every instance sex was involved.

If I was a dog, I would want my adopted sister Monika to be my master. My dog has it good, but Stoli lives a dog's dream.

I never knew I would like having a flower garden this much.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. It's easy when you do it. If they are mean in return, lay in bed at night and plot how to ruin their life. I'm not saying to go out and ruin it, just plot it out. Its good therapy. I guess you could let it go as well. It's a coin flip really.

How did Rachel Nichols get a job on ESPN? Wait, I know how and it wasn't her looks (wink, wink). I've dumped better looking women than her. I'm not bragging as most of those were probably mistakes. Honestly though, she tells me absolutely nothing about any sport that I don't know. She's a female Mike Golic. Get in the kitchen and make me a pie!

Bombay gin and ginger ale may sound like a good combination, but trust me when I say it really isn't. Thunderbird wine and Ranier is a better combination and yes, I've had both.

When I was a kid, my dad would let me shave with him. Lather me up and give me an old single edge razor without the blade. It was a lot of fun. He told me how fast life would go by, he didn't tell me how much shaving every day sucks. Thanks for the full beard Pop. I still cuss you under my breath at least once a week for holding back what a pain in the ass shaving is. Of course, I'm sure he was just grateful to have a sharp razor. That's how he was.

Writing is good therapy.

I wish everyone success, except our current congress and their attempt to take my doctor away.

What's the difference between "virgin" olive oil and "extra virgin" olive oil. I think I know that regular olive oil is no longer a virgin, but how do you get to be an extra one?

Less than 20 days til the Cats kickoff.

I'm hoping for Notre Dame to win 9 games and go to a BCS bowl and get crushed. No. That's a lie. I hope they go 5-6. They won't though. There schedule is softer than a newborn's stool and there coach smells worse.

Safe journeys,



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