Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random thoughts #12

Just sayin.

"Kenny face it. Girls don't want to eat Poptarts for dinner every night." Eric Cartman.

Why do liberals hate Christianity? Why do they respect Islam so much? Think about it. Islam says that you can't have an image of their pedophile prophet Muhammad. Not one newspaper in this country would even consider putting an image in their paper. Not one! Yet they ridicule all Christian faiths. If you believe in God, you are a Christian extremist (unless you are an abortion supporting Democrat). They respect all aspects of Islamic faith and defend a crucifix in urine as art. The funny thing is this: if America came under Islamic rule they would all be killed for their belief that there is no God. Say what you want about Moslems, they at least have a faith and consistent belief system which is something that liberals don't have.

Dead Kennedy was buried today and had his service at a Catholic church. Ironic isn't it? A man who was the biggest supporter in the Senate of the killing of the unborn still thought he was a "good Catholic". As a baptized Catholic I'm offended by this. My last lengthy paragraph about the media's assault on Christianity is my next point. The MSM is making a big deal about him being a Catholic and which church was having his service. I haven't been to Mass in five years and I'm a better Catholic than he ever THOUGHT of being. Burn in hell you worthless puke!

Are all women crazy? Or just the one's I find attractive?

I'm watching the Little League World Series (LLWS). I'm 5'8". I wasn't 5' until I was 16. How in the hell can you be 5' 11" and 12 years old? When I was 12, the big kids were 4' 10".

Seinfeld was a great sitcom. Kramer was funny but Costanza was the best character on the show. Acting is overrated as a profession, it's just pretending to be something you aren't and I can do that, but Jason Alexander has more talent in his little finger than Michael Richards could ever dream of having. " You know Jerry, it isn't a lie if you think it's the truth." I think that Barack Obama lives by that credo.

The Budweiser Clydesdales are cool.

California is going to represent the U.S. in the LLWS. I guess I'll root for them but I fucking hate California. California, New York and Massachusetts could all evaporate and we would be just fine. Trust me on this. California can leave behind the Reagan library.

Speaking of Reagan. There is an audio book entitled "Reagan in his own voice". It's a compilation of his radio shows from the 1970's. The man was a visionary. Check it out from your local library. You won't be disappointed.

I don't know how Chef Troll found my bullshit blog but it's made me a better blogger. I'm not on his level but I'm trying. Kym, Pamokc, and Moi set a high standard as well. Read them. Follow them. Comment on their posts. Expand your horizons. Mute Mondays are the bomb! It's hard for me to be mute. Really. Mute and me don't collide in the same sentence. Mute Mondays were the inspiration for Tuesday Tunes. I'm not consistent on them. I need guest deejays. Tell your friends.

My dad was a bartender and told my brother Bill and me that if we couldn't be happy drinking to not do it at all. We are both happy. Bill is a funny sumbitch. Add a little booze to that and hang onto your belly. It's what we do on the Hi-Line.

Brent Musburger is announcing the LLWS. Brent is a Montanan. From Billings. I hate him. Over dramatic and a dipshit to boot. I wish I had a baritone voice. I would be doing Monday Night Football. And the World Series. I'd bring a much needed panache to the booth along with the fact that I wouldn't be afraid to say that everyone in the NFL is on steroids. I'm sure that would get be some great rapport with guys in the NFL. They would really dig it.

14 is the number for songs on the playlist. Kym only gave me 11 but I let it slide. The first person to tell me why 14 is the number gets to pick the next playlist. Prodigy, you as usual, can't play.

I wish business would pick up. My boss is the hardest working man I have ever known. He deserves a break and more good times. I have a nice house, four-wheelers, a camper and lots of money in the bank and it's all because he gave me a shot and trusted me. Wish him well. We have a lot of equipment sitting and looking pretty but that doesn't pay the bills.

Take care,



Pam said...

Awww, thanks for the shout-out! I'm saying 14 because it was your jersey number when you played baseball, possibly college, where you kept the number you had from your jersey in high school. Just a guess. And everyone in major league baseball is on steroids too. It really turns me away from sports these days.

I agree with a lot of your random thoughts. I think a lot of folks might as well get into Christianity because there may come a day when there really is a holy war and whose side do you want to be on? Gonna have to make a choice one day. What's it gonna be?

Kymical Reactions said...

Milky: I totally agree with you about Seinfeld. George was by far the best character on the show. He's so shameless! I love that guy. I watch the reruns every weekday while I make dinner.

Milk River Madman said...

Pam, you have a great blog! You're on the right track on the number but can't quite give you the award yet. I will be on the side of the goods if that day comes.


Loved Seinfeld. If can get get better at posting youtubes, I could put up a lot of clips that would be appropriate for my mood/day.

h said...

Excellent post. I'm not a better blogger than you. I just have more readers.

One of the reasons I coined the term "muslib" is a partial answer to your question. The Left, especially in America and Western Europe, is HATE-FUELED. And what they hate MOST are Constitutional Governance, Capitalism and Christianity. Muslims, of course, are also vehemently opposed to those 3 things as well.

So, they have an uneasy and largely unspoken alliance based on common HATREDS, not common values. The Left, especially in America, ignores the Muslim values they despise mostly because there are so many MORE Christians than Muslims in America. That's beginning to change a LITTLE BIT in some Western European Countries where the Muslim populations are much larger.

The Muslims, of course, are HAPPY to ignore the sinfullness of the Left for now. Because their ultimate goal is to weaken Christianity, Capitalism and Constitutional Governance.

The Koran explicitly STATES several times that it is FINE to align with a sinful enemy to achieve goals. Remember, Mohammed was a Warlord. Concerned with tactics and alliances and VICTORY. He not only WROTE that it's fine to align with sinners, he PRACTICED that in his conquests.

If I can give ONE piece of advice to people wishing to understand these matters it is this:


What you'll discover is that everything the MSM SAYS about the Koran is cherry-picked bullshit.

For example, one of the citations most used by the MSM is Mohammed's Statement that "people of the Book must be treated with respect". Meaning Christians and Jews. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

But what they don't say is that the VERY NEXT PASSAGE explains what he means in his typically straight-forward Warlord style.

If you accept that the Bible we use was actually written by "devils" and that only Mohammed himself has read the "real" Bible, then and ONLY then do you deserve to be treated with respect.

That "real" Bible has all the OT characters constantly talking about Allah and the "Final Authority" and "The Final Prophet" who is, not surprisingly Mohammed.

That "real" Bible has our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ constantly talking about Allah and "The Final Prophet" as well. And, of course, the Jesus in the "real" Bible is just a man and did not rise again to join his Father in Heaven. He died and was buried.

Big difference, huh?