Friday, August 7, 2009

LBOH 20, dinner and see ya next year

Brian. Leg crosser and sudoku master.

Let the preparation for the annual tenderloin feast begin.

13 pounds of meat. That's one pound for each of us.

Smiley is being a good dog.

The premeal of fingersteaks.

James the Third interjects with some words of wisdom.

Dan getting ready to enjoy his steak and Delmyspuds after cutting the steak and doing the cooking.

An after dinner drink compliments of Scott N (aka Lungdart). Scott couldn't make it because of work but didn't forget us.

"Yup" "Yep" "Yup" "Uh-huh"

Smiley was starved for attention all weekend.

Another exciting night by the fire compliments of Dr. Seuss.

Yes, that is Delmer and yes it is dark out. I have not altered this photo in any way.

"Where the hell is that Firefall CD"

"Charter down! Charter down!"

More rare photos of Delmer awake at dark. He is messing with Adrian which was an LBOH first.

Fires are cool.

"have you seen my Firefall CD"

Fires are cool. I'm not kidding.

"Maybe my Firefall CD is in here"

Getting ready to say good-bye

They only see each other once a year.

"I hope you find your Firefall CD Dan" "Thanks Brian"

And poof, they were gone.


Kymical Reactions said...

i love the "yup" "yup" "uh, huh" pic. it reminds me of king of the hill. hahahah.

Milk River Madman said...


That's where I stole it from. I don't have any original material.