Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Thoughts #10

Pure politics.

"We know we spend a huge amount of money that last year of life. More and more people are gonna say, I don't want people poking tubes, and, you know, uh, doing all sorts of...stuff. The most important thing we can do on end-of-life care right now: to encourage people to look at hospices as a...legitimate option." Barack Obama. Hmm. Sounds like someone's been watching the cult classic "Soilent Green".

There is no inherent right to health care. None. There are plenty of options out there even if you make $30,000.00 a year and don't have it provided for by your employer. Yet we are in the midst of a great debate on this issue. Call me Ismael, but I remember when GW wanted to expand Medicare coverage. Democrats screamed bloody murder ( mainly because this would eliminate it as a campaign issue) complained that it would cost to much and voted for it anyway. They were right about one thing. It has cost far more than anticipated. Does anyone think for five minutes that "health care reform" will be any different?

If you make $30,000.00 a year or more, you will see your taxes increase to pay for this. While I'm not in the least bit excited about this, it does make me smile that a lot of people voted for Barry thinking that they would get all of this stuff for free. They deserve what they get. I know that isn't very Christian but like my Mom's husband says "experience is a good teacher".

Bill Clinton went to North Korea and had some hostages released. Good for him. I heard somebody on America Left (XM) say the "he intimidated Kim Jong Il". Really? If he had that kind of power, why did he let that little fucking midget have nuclear capabilities? I'm happy that he had the hostages released but to think this is anything more than a smoke and mirror show is pure folly.

Barack Obama has broken almost every campaign promise he made to get middle of the road voters to vote for him. There is no 5 day posting on the net of any legislation, like he promised. There has been no open debate on health care reform, there will be a middle class tax increase, there has been no economic reform (tripled the deficit in six months) there is no bipartisanship (my way or the highway, what a puke) he has heightened race relations ( "I will be a post racial president") he has hired no less than five lobbyists to be in his administration after saying that lobbyist wouldn't be allowed in the Whitehouse. He is a total fraud. If you are reading this and voted for him look me in the face and tell me you feel good about it. Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm not saying that pseudo republican McCain was the answer, I'm just saying that the unions wouldn't own General Motors and we all wouldn't paying for the "Cash for Clunkers."

While I'm on the subject. What's so great about hybrids? Where are we going to put all the batteries when they are discarded? Who wants to drive a car that only goes 60 MPH?

Hey, for all you dipshits that voted for Barry, did you know that under his health care plan Rush Limbaugh gets free health care? He makes 25 million a year. He doesn't buy health insurance because of that but under this plan he's covered. That's what you voted for dumbasses.

Outside of politics.

I have more good friends than most people have friends. If I wanted to have a barnraising, my friends would literally come from hundreds of miles to help me. If I needed a kidney ( which I might) I would have my choice of the best donor because that's how many people would be there for me. What a great life I have. No man, on God's Earth has as many friends who would be there for me at the drop of a hat than I do. What I did to deserve this I have no idea. Maybe its because I treat people the way I want to be treated and for that I am rewarded. That and the fact that I've chosen to surround myself with good people and I am lucky for that.

Cheers and safe journeys,



Kymical Reactions said...

always interesting to read your random thoughts. I'm not feeling political lately - and I wanted to celebrate Obama's birthday yesterday by punching democrats in the face. But I restrained my self.

Stop on over at my blog. I've made some changes, plus I just put up my 2009 College Football review.

Tanaya said...

"There is no inherent right to health care. None."

Absolutely. For all of us who matriculated and studied economics, no matter how much money you make, you have choices on how to spend it. It is called opportunity cost. If health insurance is a priorty to you, you give up the next best alternative to have insurance. There are many people out there who can afford some kind of health coverage and choose not to buy it because they would rather drive a new Audi. Or they aren't covered by their employer because they would rather work for a non-profit and feel good about their work - both of which are legimate CHOICES. Their choices don't mean I should have to pay for their health insurance.

At what point do liberals realize that they are the people who actually help pay for all of this crap?

Milk River Madman said...


Love the new website and the 2009 preview and punching democrats is always a good idea.


The basic concept of economics is lost on all liberals much less the complexity of this issue. You're example of opportunity cost is very well done. I had this exact discussion with our in house accountant, a woman I love like a sister but thinks everyone should have everything. She didn't like it when I asked her if she and her husband would give me 20 of their 160 acres they own by Dillon, as I have no acreage of my own. "It's not the same thing". Yes, yes it is.

Liberals never realize that they are paying for this. They are too stupid.

5Wood said...

I'm not sure if your kidney transplant would be fiscally responsible by Obama's standards maybe you should get an appointment with your Mortality Counselor and begin working with Hospice. Of course I always figured it would be your liver to go first.