Friday, July 24, 2009

Random thoughts #9

Things that crossed my mind while wondering how much fun I'll have watching another Malta alum win the Montana State Amateur Golf Tournament this weekend. Honestly, is there anything we don't dominate?

It worries me that young people, and some older ones, are more concerned with the death of Michael Jackson than the state of the country in which they live. At the rate President Obamaclaus is spending and borrowing, they won't be able to buy one of Michael's albums. Pay attention you dumbasses.

Speaking of, I mean Obama. Is there anyone who reads this that actually thought for one minute the "stimulus" was going to work? Obama's mentality reminds me of the people who borrowed money to pay off their credit card, paid it off, then maxxed it out again. Its the same principle exactly.

Health care continues to be a big issue. I would rather dedicate an entire post to the matter than debate it here but the big question is this: how do we pay for it? I'm all for helping out but if changing things means bankrupting our future and making us a second rate nation, then we are better off where we currently are.

It always amazes me how big of wussies actually live in Bozeman. If it gets 90 degrees they think its hot and if it gets below zero they think its cold. Bozeman has the best weather in all of Montana precisely because it doesn't get very hot or very cold and the wind doesn't blow very much, but nut up people! The rest of the state knows exactly that zero is far from cold.

I don't talk to my mom as much as I should. She hates talking on the phone so I don't call much. BG says that shouldn't matter. She told me "Its your mother! Call her!" She's probably right. I need to get her potato salad recipe anyway. I hope she has her hearing aid in.

I like the flower box I built. I water them everyday. They look great. Whoda thunk?

I really hope that Montana State beats the University of Eastern Idaho (better known as the university of Montana or um, ) in football this year and makes a long playoff run. Remember, you can't spell "scum" without the "um".

When 33 wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park 14 years ago many in the agricultural community were very worried. "Relax" said the environmentalists "there is plenty for them to eat in the park." Now there are over 300 wolves in the Yellowstone Ecosystem and beyond. They really like eating cows too. I guess someone forgot to tell the wolves where there boundaries are.

I had laser surgery on my eyes 7 years ago. They are getting a little blurry when I read. It was bound to happen and I will probably have to wear glasses full time again but I wouldn't trade the last 7 years without them for anything. The best money I've ever spent.

Electing Barry Obama to the presidency is like finding a student pilot and giving him the keys to the space shuttle.

GMC will no longer buy its platinum or palladium from the only US mine that produces it. The mine is the Stillwater Mine and its located about 150 miles from me. The rest of the platinum and palladium is mined in Russia and South Africa. GMC says it can buy cheaper from foreign companies and cancelled its contracts with Stillwater Mine. Yesterday, a federal judge (in New York, what were the odds?) agreed and said GMC did not have to honor the contracts. If you don't think that this exact same scenario will play out countless times under "cap and trade" then you are too fucking stupid to live or vote. Do us all a favor and go play in the freeway are suck on a .357. Just sayin.

President Obama said that police acted "stupidly" when they arrested some race baiting Harvard professor. See, this is what happens when he doesn't have his teleprompter in front of him. He then said that he "calibrated his words poorly". Are you shitting me? Calibrated his words poorly? I remember having an argument with my mother when I was 12 and telling her to shut up. My dad put his paper down, grabbed me by the arm, took me to my room and gave me about 5 licks with the belt that my uncle Bob (an Oklahoman BTW) had made him. I guess I "calibrated my words poorly" that day. I still have the belt.

I need to pay attention more to what is going on locally. The daily rag Bozeman Chronicle is looking at the possibility at adding another local opinion writer. What the hell. I'll submit a column or two and see what happens.

I have a great job, a nice little house, the unconditional love of my dog, a wonderful family and the best group of friends on the planet. Life is good.

Safe journeys,


PS Called Alvina (mom) and have her recipe. I'll see if I can make it as good as she does.

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