Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LBOH 20, Thursday

Well, lets get this party started. After playing 18 holes in White Sulphur Springs, John (L) and I headed to camp leaving Brian (C) and Mark (R) in the dust as they were pulling Brian's camper. John and I were on the gravel when we heard kind of a whoosh sound followed by a fluhfluhfluhfluh. John "What's that?" Me "I don't know. Maybe it's a flat. Doesn't feel flat though." So I kept driving. About a half mile down the road we decided to check and indeed I had the first flat tire of the LBOH. What a pain in the ass. My spare tire carrier ended up being bent and we could barely get the spare tire off. Fortunately we were able to change it and carry on. Brian and Mark showed up just as we were finished. Brian then showed John that the proper way to load a flat tire is to "cup the balls". Hmmmm. Never knew that.

What the? A card game? In the middle of the Little Belt Mountains? Looks suspicious. I'd better play a hand or two and find out what is going on here.

Smiley with a can. Dan brought his lab and she had a great time.

The shirts, and the spelling on said shirts, provided by Uncle Scott.

Uncle Scott relaxes a moment from the strain and worry of the LBOH. Its such a stressful weekend with all the visiting, golfing, card playing and eating. How about a Jack and diet there Scotty?

Oh yeah!! I'm knocking on 28 baby! Someone get ready to lose a dollar.

Smiley relaxes by the fire. Mark brought ribs from Minnesota. Good, good eating. Smiley didn't get any bones though. They're a little too small puppy.

Dan and Jim. Had kindergarten with Dan and prayer class with Jim. Class of 1981.

Leonard digs through the LBOH Box. It is the container of all drygoods LBOH. It has been to every LBOH and the keeper of the box is in charge.

Len, those ribs any good?

Scott and John waiting for shitty cards. John came all the way from Dallas. That's in Texas I think. Or as my fellow bloggers in OKC say "Southern Oklahoma".

Good ribs and a winning hand. Its a nice combination.

I believe this is the largest game of Knock Poker ever played at any LBOH.

Jim, Tim and Uncle Scott trying to cypher their cards. Scott is obviously showing his cards to someone else. That is usually a sign that you have jackshit for cards.

Look at those coals glowing. It's going to be a nice night to sit by the fire. Most nights are nice nights to sit by the fire.

That's Delmer. He used to live down in the Benson houses with me. They were kind of the projects of Malta. He's yelling at me about something. Probably telling me to put the camera down, blah blah blah. I wasn't really listening.

Jim Beam. When John comes up from Texas we drink Jim Beam.

Dan reaching for some twizzlers. Another of the food groups is covered.

Delmer going to bed. It's ten o'clock already? Night, night Delmyspuds.

L to R, 1/2 Uncle Scott (Bozeman), Mark (Minnesota) his brother Dave (Colorado) Scott's brother Brian (Bozeman). Like the Malta boys, these guys all went to high school together. Unlike the Malta boys, they had to do it in Minnesota. You know Minnesota, the state that just elected Al Franken to the US Senate. Yeah, that Minnesota.

Leonard (MHS 1980) with Mark. It appears that Mark is checking his eyelids for cracks. Will the prime directive be violated? Sadly, it wasn't.

A couple of fresh logs and the fire should burn for a while longer.

That's kind of it for day one. It's a sad day when the most exciting thing to talk about is the flat tire I had coming into camp. Worse yet, I forgot my camera when we went into Lewistown on Friday to play golf so there aren't a lot of pictures from Friday night. No action photos of dinner at the Ox and Yoke. No pictures of the serving wench on the fourth hole at Pine Meadows. But there are many more photos of men sitting by the campfire with their legs crossed. So if you liked these, stay tuned for Friday's action. Hey, these pictures have more action and a better plot then Star Wars Episode I.

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