Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lets get the birthday party started!!!!

I can't wait until Saturday to start celebrating the greatest non-Christian holiday ever know to mankind. 233 years ago this Saturday, the greatest nation on earth was founded. Men died. They had their families taken away. They gave up their fortunes. They did all of this for the greatest on going experiment in history.

Despite the lunatics who have been given the keys to the car, I still believe that America will survive the current fascist regime that is in charge. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the like are doing one thing that they will regret. They are underestimating the intelligence of the American people. They think we're stupid. They will learn otherwise.

To start off the celebration, give a listen to this playlist.

I'll post more musings as the week progresses. You homies who read this might like the first selection on the playlist. It means the doors are opening at the Villa. It was kind of hard to pick some of the versions of these songs. I was very happy that Kate Smith's version of
God Bless America was on playlist. To my friends in Oklahoma, I picked a version of The Battle Hymn of the Republic just for you. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

Happy birthday America! You are too strong and proud to let anything bring you down.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday America!!! I will listen to your playlist tonight ... my work 'puter has speakers but they only buzzzzzzzzz instead of let me listen. Will comment again once I get to listen. I'm with you, I think change is coming after the current **change**. The beauty of our system -- wait 4 years and we change again.