Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July in photos

Here are some pictures from my Independence Day Weekend. I started the weekend off Friday night by attending the annual Livingston Rodeo. It's a great tradition in a fine town that is pure Montana. I used to come to Livingston in the summer and spend a couple of weeks with my cousins who lived there. I attended a barbecue hosted by my good friends Travis and Niki. As the Butte Girl and I were driving to Sacajawea Park, we passed the Livingston swimming pool and I was awash with memories. I told BG that I was kicked out of the pool for the summer one year when I came to stay. "Why, what did you do?" She asked. "I pushed the lifeguard out of her chair." "Yeah, that'll do it," she said. My cousin Pat and I were also kicked out of the roller skating rink that year. Something about playing roller derby with people who didn't know they were playing with us. Oh, to be young again. How I didn't end up at the state reform school in Miles City is anyone's guess but God really loves me. On to the pictures.

We are in our seats and they are just finishing getting the arena ready for tonight's action. Using a John Deere is a nice touch.

A glass of ice is quite refreshing on a warm summer's evening. It's even better when you top it off with a fine blend of Canadian whiskey. I recommend Crown Royal but I'm a little biased.
The stands are full and we are ready for some action.

The local women's horse group. Actually, these ladies ride out of Bozeman. I can't remember their names but they do a nice job of weaving in and out of each other while riding with the greatest flag on the planet.
RIP Lou Counts. The rodeo will surely miss you and all you did for it.
Was sitting next to this little dude from North Dakota. It was his first rodeo and this was his first rodeo hamburger. I was trying to sneak a picture and clicked right when he turned to look at me. I don't take a lot of great pictures but this one is a keeper.
Cloudy skies and a the sun hitting the mountains just right.
Travis raising his class to tonight's performers.
The buckaroo with the burger and his little brother watching the fireworks after the rodeo. It was a great fireworks show. These kids were ooohing and awing after each explosion. "I wish this would last forever" one of them said. Priceless.
That's MRM with Danika. She is the Godsend for friends Monika and Eric. Her first Fourth of July. We had some breakfast and then left to attend Danika's first Tea Party protest. Her idea.

Under President Obamaclaus' energy plan we will all be using tricycles as our main means of transportation. This young man is ahead of the curve.
This kind of says it all.
BG, Monika, Eric and Danika heading up Main Street.
Damn rabble rousers.
I estimated about 1200 protesters. The local rag had it at several hundred but like most of their reporting they were way, way off.
As most of the speakers were preaching to the choir, we decided to head home.

Well that's it. Fireworks on Saturday night that make my old dog go nuts. Fried chicken on Sunday and then back to the salt mine Monday morning. Sometimes I wish they would make Independence Day a three day weekend but then I think no. This day is to important and the celebration of our independence needs to happen on the very day this nation shed the shackles of tyranny and challenged England for the right of self rule. It needs to happen on the 4th and not any other day.


Pam said...

Looks like you had a great 4th weekend. Interesting tea party pics! Thanks for stopping by.

h said...

I tea-partied on the fourth too! A most apt day to do so, methinks!

Nan-Nan said...

Loved the rodeo pics! Especially of the boys! Oklahoma has a lot of rodeos and i try to NEVER miss one! Thanks for sharing!

Milk River Madman said...

Thank you. I stop by as much as I can.

The day was perfect for a march. Count in the paper today was 1800.

I don't go to the rodea as much as I should as they are all around us this time of year. We had cowboys from all over the country.

5Wood said...

I spent my 4th at the "parade" in Butte, but as I watched union after union walk by and single pay health care people trying my best to not puke in my mouth a little the lone bright spot walked by in the form of Denny Rehberg so I made all the kids get Denny stickers and wear them around that hell whole. I sat there wonder when this country lost perspective of what we were actually fighting for back then. I ask myself aren't we heading back to the exact same things that we once fought so hard to get away from.

5Wood said...

No offense to BG btw. But if I never spend another 4th in Butte I won't be heartbroken.