Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Recession is Over!!

Hooray! The economy is saved. President Obamaclaus has ordered his cabinet to slash $100 million from the budget. This is just what the Doctor ordered. With this kind of forward thinking we will be out of this economic crisis in no time at all.

National health care? Paid for! Education system? Double all teachers salaries! Now that Homeland Security is going to buy their paper clips in bulk instead of one at a time, we are going to have money to burn.

President Teleprompter is truly a genius. This is the kind of fiscal responsibility that will cement his legacy for eternity. We will be able to pay back China in a couple of months. To think I once thought Ol' Barry couldn't even balance his own checkbook. My apologies sir!

Next up: surrendering to Iran. Gee, I need to brush up on my Arabic.

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h said...

The Obama Diet. Gain 200 pounds of flab. Then hold a press event for the lap-dog leftist media announcing an intention to lose half-an-ounce.