Friday, April 24, 2009

This guy is a wussy

This letter was in today's local paper. Like most liberals, Mr. ******* would more than likely piss himself if confronted face to face by a Texan (or third grade girl) who might take offense to what he had to say. My comments are in blue.

Goodbye, Texas. We will be better off without you … after all, you gave us George W. Bush. They also gave us LBJ so maybe this doucebag is onto something. What bothers me is that after only three months out of power, Rick Perry and the Republicans are ready to secede from the U.S.A. They are using language not heard since 1861. Power hungry bunch, aren’t they? What does seceding have to do with being power hungry? Seems just the opposite to me. BTW Scott, you mental midget, if Texas was its own country, it would have the 6th or 7th largest GDP IN THE WORLD!!

The “protest” against taxation was a sham, orchestrated by the leaders of the party and promoted by Fox news. Hey Dipshit, if this protest is a "sham" aren't all protests shams?They could not offer solutions just like the democrats in every state the last 20 years … only complaints, while conveniently ignoring the tax cuts put in place by the Obama administration Hold on a tic. Hussein has tax cuts? Really? He proposed some, but I dont think its law yet.I may be mistaken so please continue. In the end they were protesting President Obama, who is already managing to turn around the disastrous deregulation policies of the past eight years of Republican control. Policies that lead to the economic freefall. Where's this turnaround you speak of. If nationalizing banks and taxing citizens to help businesses that should fail is turning us around then yes, I guess he his.

Why aren’t they protesting the party of deregulation? Umm, that would make as much sense as democrats protesting the war they voted for. Oh wait, they are doing that. Nevermind. The party that made it possible to grow companies so large that a single failure could destroy the economy; Not if we didn't bail them out, if they failed, we would recover. the party that gave enormous tax breaks to oil companies as they made record profits its called business Scott and profits are what they are supposed to do, they also paid record taxes so that losers like you can have your government jobs that contribute little if nothing to society; the party that is ready to leave our great country simply because they are not in power Pot, meet kettel; the party of fear see previous entry: the Republican Party.

Since many Republicans either don’t understand or don’t care how the stimulus works, let me try to explain it for you. Citizens (now known as consumers) pull back their spending, which slows down production (already suffering from credit issues due to bank failures). The uncertain nature of the economy makes us cautious with our money. This leaves the evil government in a position where they must spend to stimulate the economy, thus creating jobs, leading to purchasing, leading to revenue that lowers the massive deficit created by Republican policy. Come on, Republicans, get on board for the good of our country. Let me get this straight, consumers pull back spending, the government borrows money they cant repay, they create jobs that are dependent on taxes for funding, not private industry and this stimulates the economy and reduces the deficit? I don't quite see that happening.

Scott ******** Liberal Wussy and Dumb as a bucket of hammers.

Thats was fun Scott! I wish this guy would write a letter a week.

If you would like to glance at my local rag you can do so by clicking here.

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h said...

He's a spineless sissy sheepling incapable of independent thought. Most (possibly all) of what he wrote was copied verbatim from the Daily Kos.

Your local rag should have noted that and refused to print it.