Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Thoughts #6

Things that cross my mind while wondering if Lee Harvey Oswald really acted alone.

Debt is the failure to repay a promise from yesterday.

From What Would Tyler Durden Do "I feel bad for (Jennifer) Aniston. It's no wonder she’s still holding out hope. All Pitt did was cut off all contact four years ago then buy several houses with someone else and have six kids. He’s really sending mixed messages."

Bumper Sticker: Honk if I'm paying your mortgage.

Two actors died a couple of weeks ago. Ron Silver of cancer and Natasha Richardson from a freak fall while skiing. I don't really know a lot about Richardson except from what I read that week. I've seen Silver in a few things. Richardson was all over the news after her fall. It really was weird. She tumbled on a bunny hill while skiing, complained of a headache a while later, went into a coma and then died. A Tony award winner from a lineage of actors she is almost being treated as a deity.

Silver died from a rare form of cancer. You would barely know he even existed although his career has been long. Silver became more conservative after 9/11. He spoke out against the evil that is Islamo-terrorism. This isn't something you do as a liberal. If you change your mind, you are shunned, especially if you are in Hollywood. Even in death, they do not respect you. Its just another reason I hope the entire city is swallowed in a hole during the next earthquake. Fuck Hollywood.

I remember when we were little in the hamlet of Malta. In the summer, you could go play with your friends, but when the streetlights came on, it was time to go home.

What did my sisters do to get their allowance? I mowed the yard, my brother took out the garbage, which took less time all week then it did for me to mow one section of our corner lot, and yet they got the same money as me. This is before I fully understood capitalism. Of course back then at age 10 I was young and impressionable and would probably have joined the union.

"Socialism does not reward virtue." Milton Friedman

Another reason Malta was, and is, so cool is the curfew whistle. This was the "time to get home" alarm in the winter. 9:30 PM. Lots of times for me it was the "your late and are going to be grounded" alarm.

Baseball season started this week. I don't understand the scheduling. Why does Boston open at home in April? Bud Selig, you are a genius.

I am so glad that Obamaclaus is our president. He is such a forward looking thinker. I read in the paper yesterday that someone on his climate control panel says that we need to increase pollution to reflect the suns rays away from Earth. Umm, but didn't all the global warming people say pollution is bad? Doesn't pollution trap the hot air and cause the greenhouse effect? If this isn't enough proof that global warming is the biggest example of junk science since alchemy, I don't know what is.

I'm playing in a four man scramble, excuse me, four person scramble in Wyoming with The Prodigy and a couple of other guys this week. We will be at the Sheridan Country Club. The last time we teed up there in a tourney we took a 9 on the first hole. In a scramble. TP hit a culvert with a ball so hard that it gonged loud enough to break windows in the clubhouse. Good times.

I like Fred Couples. I like his demeanor and his golf swing but I'm getting over all the guys who tell me "you gotta love Freddy". No, no I don't. As a matter of fact, I hope he doesn't make the cut just so those guys will have one less thing to talk about.

"Political self-interest is not nobler than economic self-interest." Milton Friedman

A friend of mine took over the bar and restaurant at the Sheridan Country Club in Wyoming. Every Friday is "Guest Bartender Night". You pay $200.00 for ordurves and you get to run the joint for 3 hours under JN's supervision. You are giving a guy money to work for him? You must want to bar tend pretty bad. What a great idea and capitalism at its finest. Pure genius.

I watched the "Passion of the Christ" for the first time last night. Remember when the critics panned this movie for being to violent. I don't remember Mel being criticized for "Braveheart" or pseudo-Jew Speilberg being criticized for "Saving Private Ryan". No, the violence in those movies was "authentic" and "made you feel what it was like to be there". Well you Hollywood losers, Jesus Christ suffered beyond words on Good Friday. He was beaten, He was whipped, He suffered more than can be described. You can criticize this movie from other angles but for the violence? What a bunch of dipshits. Every time I think Hollywood is as stupid and out of touch as they possibly can be, they prove me wrong again. Yawn.

I do remember in Catholic school that the nuns would constantly tell us how much Christ physically suffered for our sins. The brutality in the movie didn't disturb me in the least. What moved me to fight back tears was that it was the Son of God they were beating. To sit and watch and know that this is what Christ endured for me moves me at this very moment.

Its a short random thoughts column. As mentioned I'm heading to Sheridan and I'm leaving by ten Friday morning. I have a couple of jobs to inspect by 3. So, if you're in the greater Sheridan area, stop by the Sheridan Country Club tonight between 5 and 8 and I'll buy you a drink. Hell, I'll even be pouring it as I'm guest bartending tonight.

Happy Easter.


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Anonymous said...

Nice read...Chip.
You crack me up. Love the way your thoughts just flow...
Haven't watched Passion yet little afraid.
Hope Sheidan was fun!!