Saturday, December 20, 2008

Your 2008 FCS Champions are the....



I have to apologize for my post on Thursday. If I had known that picking the grizzlies to win would make them lose, I'd have picked them the opening round of the playoffs. Now, I know there are Bobcat fans out there who wanted the griz to win because they're from Montana but lets get a couple of things straight. First, most griz fans are complete assholes who act like they've never won a game before and they would never root for the Bobcats if the situation was different. They act as though they are entitled to the BSC championship and the playoffs every year. There is no arguing that the griz have dominated the conference the last 20 years but the 50 prior to that they were nothing more than a mark on the schedule for any team in the Big Sky. And if we aren't going to pay any attention to history, well then, there are a lot of overpaid teachers (redundant I know) out there who should be looking for work.

Second, just because a couple of mapmakers got drunk 150 years ago and drew a line down the wrong mountain range and we ended up having the shithole of Missoula included with the rest of the great state of Montana doesn't mean I have to root for them, hope they do well or anything else positive. I love my cousins who live there and they really like Missoula. That's good for them. I think it's a stinky shithole inhabited by lazy union liberals and filthy hippies and I for one couldn't be happier that they lost.

Did anyone else notice that not only did the griz lose, they totally got their asses handed to them. The trick play in the first quarter for my Spiders first touchdown was a total "fuck you!" to Bobbie Hauck. You never saw that coming did you, you hooknosed faggot. Awesome.

Many Crowns were consumed during the second half, which is a good thing.

Pooooooooooooooooooooor grizzlies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing, the griz playing for a national championship does not in any way help MSU's program. Not in the least. If you think it does, then just trade in your blue and gold for the shit colors of hippyville and get the fuck out of town. We don't need your support nor do we want it. The griz going to Chattanoogo helps one program and it sure as hell isn't ours. Figure it out for chistsakes.

Well, I'm off to have a breakfast sandwich and some ice tea then finish my Christmas shopping. Going to my good friends the Trombleys for a Christmas party tonight, cleaning the house tomorrow before I head for the Capitol for Christmas.

I was drinking Crown with my good friend Jenny P last night and remembered the quintessential story of why Malta is the center of the universe. It's coming my friends and its 100% the truth.

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5Wood said...

Amen, From the newest fan of the Second Best Team in America the Richmond Spiders. Thinking about having my Sister in Law who lives in Richmond now send me back some gear. I'll have to get you a hat too.