Friday, December 5, 2008

Random thoughts #2

Things that cross my mind while wondering how Ben Affleck is still getting work.

I wish I could sing and play a musical instrument. Do you know how many women dig that? Come on!! Lyle Lovitt has seen Julia Roberts naked. Naked I tell you! And that's when she was top form. Lyle Lovitt couldn't pick up a drunk Roseanne Barr if he couldn't sing. He looks like he got beat up with a sock full of hot nickels.

I think that "1941" is one of the funniest movies from the 80's. Very underrated. Is it possible that the humor is too sophisticated for the average movie watcher?

I recently read this "If you want justice, go to the whorehouse. If you want screwed, go to the courthouse." Its wise in its way.

Will Rogers never met Bobbie Hauck.

I have a hard time putting the pictures where I want them.

If liberals believed in religion, they would all be muslims. It fits their belief system so much better than Christianity. But even islam will never replace the self-worshiping narcissism which is one of the four cornerstones of liberalism.

Why are the mortgage companies in so much trouble? What was the concept behind property mortgage insurance? I paid it for two years and I thought the idea was so that if I went belly up, the lender was protected. Another rip off I'll be paying for through taxes the next 30 years.

If I'm picking the top 100 athletes of the 20th century, Michael Jordan would be lucky to be in the top twenty. Babe Ruth is number one, then Carl Lewis. Michael Jordan is higher than Jack Nicklaus but well behind Secretariat.

Every year I tell myself I'm going to buy Christmas presents early so I don't have to shop in December. Next year I'm definitely going to do that. I think. Hopefully.

Why doesn't Hollywood make good westerns anymore? Open Range was OK. Duvall was great but Costner was so wooden you could hardly see the strings move. Don't give me 3:12 to Yuma either. That was a remake. I want an original. And yes, I do have a big problem with the crap they put out. And yes I'm going to constantly bitch about.

There should be a stoplight at College and 11th. There should have been on there 20 years ago. But in Bozeman, they are more worried about putting down brick pedestrian crossings so you can fall on your ass and get run over than they are keeping traffic moving.

It never fails to amaze me how many games that humans can invent. No matter what part of the planet you live, there is a game that people play. Maybe if we spent as much time trying to come up with alternative fuel as we do having fun. Screw it. I have pool to practice.

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