Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm wearing Red and Black on Friday.

Fear the Richmond Spiders. FEAR THEM!

Tomorrow night is the night for the Spiders to show up and play the game of their lives. They can not allow Bobbie a national championship. It can't happen. It won't happen.

The griz are on a monumental roll through the playoffs. Every break has gone their way. Fumbles by the opposition without being touched. Questionable calls not being reviewed. Key players getting injured at just the right time for the griz. Its enough to make you want to gargle with Liquid Plumber.

The griz are also playing great football. They are taking advantage of every turnover by turning them into points. They aren't turning the ball over. They aren't killing themselves with penalties. Their defense has been incredible and Cole Berquist is showing why he is in the top five best QB's at this level. But.................

The Spiders are good. Sneaky good. They have three losses. One to division I Virginia in Virginia 16-0. The next to top ten Villanova in Nova by 6 and the other to number one James Madison 38-31. Did I mention that Nova and JMU were conference losses? This is a pretty tough football team.

They don't turn the ball over. Their quarterback, while not flashy, has 16 TD's against 7 int's. So they are very disciplined. Josh Vaughn is a load in the backfield. 6'0" and 232 pounds is a load. He's averaging 114 ypg in arguably the toughest conference in I-AA and 5 yards per carry. Eric Ward was a very impressive 28-35 for 280 yards and two touchdowns including the game winner with 12 seconds left. He took his team 70 yards in 1:45 with no timeouts.

My Spiders can hang with hippies from Missoula, but I hate to say it, the griz look unbeatable and I think that will continue to be the case tomorrow night. grizzly fans will be even more obnoxious than they even are right now, if that is at all possible.

Do your part tomorrow griz haters. Wear red and black to support our other favorite team, the Richmond Spiders. Send out a positive vibe for those incredible young men who have the courage to play for a school whose mascot is a bug. Bring your "A" game Spiders. Anything short of that and you will go home disappointed.

Go Spiders! Make the flight from Chatty to Missoula more miserable than a plane load of stinking hippies can already make it. We beseech you , gods of football, give victory to Richmond.

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