Monday, December 29, 2008

The end is near

OMG!! OMG!! Notre Dame won a bowl game! I'll blog about this later but this quote from ESPN really puts things into perspective.

"Notre Dame's victory was its first in the postseason since it beat Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl to end the 1993 season. The Irish also avoided consecutive losing seasons."

That my friends is the true definition of a football powerhouse. I was also informed that Notre Dame has 15 starters returning next year. Yipfuckingeee for them. They should go 8-4 with the faggot schedule they play next year. Its even easier than this year's.

Enjoy your first bowl victory since the Clinton administration Goldenhomo's for next year you will most certainly be crushed in the 2009 bowl season.

As for Hawaii, well, Triumph the Dog says it best. At about the one minute mark.

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