Friday, April 29, 2011

Gotta do it while I can

I'm going to be busier than a one-arm paper hanger for the next few weeks.  I'm glad for that but I have to post while I can.  It's Friday 7:35 MDT I'm home at The House of Sloan and am just going to put up some music videos for y'all. 

Playing in a pool tournament tomorrow with Little Sister.  Was going to play golf but the ground is FUCKING WHITE!  Are you shitting me?  It's April twenyf***ingninth.  Bring those global warming pricks here and let's see what they have to say. 

Just breath Chip.

Here's my first selection.  The Staple Singers with "I'll Take You There".  Good beat.  Hard vocals.  Just good times people.

Here's the Bellamy Brothers singing "Let Your Love Flow"  this is live in Hamburg in 1976 and it's awesome.  Did I tell you that my new Dodge came with a free year of Sirius?  Pardon me for that omission (is there two "m"'s in that? Anyway, I digress)  Even XM plays the same songs more than you would think.  Heard this twice on my 1400 mile trek this week.  Hold on a tic.  That video was playing as I was typing and it's not live.  It's a total American Bandstand like lipsync.  What a gyp.

I jumped over to the 90's on 9 ocassionally and caught the Cranberries who I really like.  The Prodigy hates them.  He's tone deaf. Here's "Dreams"

TP really likes .38 special so I'm throwing this up for him. TP writes "Dear Casey"  Pizza Hut buffet circa 1996.  We laughed liked hyenas.   Don't say I never done nothin for ya kid. 

Last, I'll leave you with Rick Springfield and "Jessie's Girl".  How Kim Carnes won best song of the year with "Betty Davis Eyes" over this is beyond me.  The Grammys can bite me. Slap her on the ass Timmer!  Slap her hard.  Who was that guy who took the fall for you at the Catspaw that night when you did that?  Good times.


Aunty Belle said...

snow? yuk. Sorry--an I reckon it has ya pretty ticked.
Uncle an me was SNOWED IN --as in no cars allowed to leave--at YEllowstone 2009 on OCT 3! Huh? Does even Alaska git that snowy a few days after September??

Pam said...

Great music and vids. Sorry you have a late winter, but it just won't warm up down here either. At least we aren't getting snows or tornados (yet) this year! Glad the job is going good, be sure to update on how things are going. Take care of that truck too.

fishy said...

White ground would not please me either! Sounds dreadful. Hope your weekend was bliss and DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!