Friday, March 25, 2011

Songs on my way to work

I've been thinking about starting a daily feature where I put up a video of the best song that I heard on my casual 15 minute commute to work every day.  Then I thought "what the hell are you thinking about?  You can't do a daily meme/theme whatever deal.  You barely participate in Haiku Monday, it took every ounce of creativity you had to host Movie Clip Wednesday and now you want to have a DAILY post? Pull your head out of your ass!"  Ah, the voice of reason.  So seldom does it make an appearance that I barely recognize it.

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Nevertheless, I did hear three songs today and am still going to post about them.  The first was Lunatic Fringe by the Canadian band Red Rider.  I love the music in this song.  I seldom like it when the music overwhelms the lyrics but in this case I have no problem as the lyrics are a slam against America.  I grew up 50 miles from Canada.  My brother snuck across the border, planted an American flag and claimed Canada for the United States.  Canada is just France without the berets and attitude.  They barely have an army and they are the reason the Seattle bomber guy from Y2K even got in America.  Sidebar and if I've told you this already I apologize in advance:  my former roommate and all around badass, we'll just call him Fatty, was a member of a counter-terrorist team back at that time.  He and his team tracked this very guy all around the globe for something like six weeks.  These scumbags travel all over hopping plane after plane to try to lose whoever may be following them.  When they got to Canada, they had to turn over their watch to the RCMP's or whatever.  Before Fatty's team was airborne back for their spy headquarters, the RCMP's had lost track of him.  I'm not bullshitting you a lick.  This is a true story. BEFORE THEY WERE IN THE AIR!! So, bands like Red Rider can write anti-American music all they want.  They sleep under the protection that America provides.  So let's all grab hands and say in unison "FUCK YOU CANADA!"

The next song I heard was Best of my Love by the Eagles.  I'm not a big Eagles fan.  Waaaaaaaaaay overrated.  I do like Glen Frey, Don Henley not so much.  The lyrics in this are great though and I won't say otherwise.  There is another group who sang a song entitled Best of my Love. Totally different but still pretty awesome. The Emotions had a different take on what the best of love is.  The link takes you to a Midnight Special performance.  Remember that show?  How great was that?  I will say this to you youtube, most of the time, you're pretty awesome. 

The last song I heard was pure happenstance.  As I cruised through my six presets on XM, I came to the "Love" channel (everyone can just stop right there.  I mean it.  If you're gonna give me shit about having that as a preset, clear your chair, roll up your sleeves and lets throwdown......... Alright, sorry about that, I'm a little testy these days.  I admit it, I like Barry Manilow.  ARE YOU HAPPY NOW RALPH?! NOW THE WORLD KNOWS! I TOLD YOU THAT IN CONFIDENCE.  JUDAS!  I TEAR MY CLOTHES TO YOU! Remember that weekend in West Yellowstone Ralph?  That was the same year we went to St. Thomas.  I think there is a story from that trip, the St. Thomas one I mean, waiting to be told.  It will be better than telling the one about the trip to West.  I think I'd lose a lot of readers after the first couple lines: "Ralph, Skeets and I headed to West Yellowstone to see our friend John.  We gassed up Skeets' mom's Dodge Aspen station wagon, grabbed a case of beer and Skeets' orange crate full of Penthouse and headed south.  I dug deep into the crate and began to read aloud a submission to Forum when both of them yelled with excitement Oh! HER!  You're gonna like this one."  The trip was downhill from there.  What was wrong with the both of you back then? That Penthouse was like five years old and you both knew THAT letter as soon as I started reading it. The freaky part is, when you read this blogpost, you will still  know exactly who I'm talking about. Total memory burn. Just email me for confirmation.  The trip to West may be worth writing about someday as well.  If I'm not mistaken, that was the first time we slept together in a waterbed. Whoops.  That really shouldn't be public knowledge.  Remember how many french fries were in my sisters yard the next day?  Good times).

Back to the song.  I tune to XM Love.  Music is softly playing but no words yet.  I hit the button for the artist and it's Diana Krall.  Sweet.  Hit the button for the song and it's "Walk on by".  Even better. I like Dionne Warwick and all.  I mean, I doubt she could read my mind or anything like she claims but she's not a bad singer.   And in this video she's more than pretty and has a great body.  Reminds me of a comment I saw on a Laura Brannigan video for "Gloria".  Commenter stated that Laura's body was real.  Not altered by man.  Good statement. 

Still the Diana Krall version is a little better, at least initially. I may change my mind after I hear it 600 times.  She really brings the melancholy tone that I think this song is begging for.  In the video below, she appears to have a nice set of stems as well.  Made me remember the "knee pit" episode from the series Stick Woman Ally McBeil.  Though I couldn't find the clip I was looking for from that show, this gem from the unisex bathroom is dynamite.  College sis Monika and I wouldn't miss this show when we were living together. 

Back to my latest crush.  Wow. Does she have it going on or what?!  From the comment section of the video "I would never cheat on my girl. Unless, of course, if Diana Krall asked me out for a cup of tea."  True dat. 

I love her soft raspy voice.  I'm sure it's from a life long love affair of chardonay and Virginia Slims (nice alliteration in that sentence MRM. Thank you. Your welcome).  I may have to go buy her CD at lunch.  I
don't think I've bought a CD since the Clinton administration.  Diana Krall, you just "crawled" into my top ten (see what I did there?)

Have a great weekend.  I'll try to make some rounds and see how you all are doing.

Oh, and if that little clip from Ally McBeal has you wanting to hear the full verison of Barry White I've taken the liberty of linking it here for you or a nice live version.  Ally McBeal had great music.  Just sayin. But honestly, what is Harrison Ford thinking? You're a superstar Harrison.  You're Indianafucking Jones!  Act like it.  Even Michael Douglas is doing better than you and he has arms like a twelve-year-old girl.  How the mighty have fallen.

Take care my merry band of malcontents.

Again with the alliteration?  Give it a break.


moi said...

Man, how I love Burt Bacharach's work. So Pucci gown by the pool with a martini smooth. Also great:

The White Stripes did an interesting cover of this, too, although the video is totally stupid.

Pam said...

I admit that I don't know much about Diana Crall, but every time I hear her I think the same as you -- must buy CD. I can approve of her for you (unlike Ann Coulter) .. this is a woman.

Princess said...

Love Diana Krall
I've had her on my playlist for many years now. Fabulous voice Jazz standards galore...
I want to hear more about the road trips of youth... Water Beds?.. Old Penthouse Mags?... Boys will be boys I guess.

Have a great weekend Madman...

Milk River Madman said...

I love Burt as well. So many good songs. I love the Austin Powers movies when Michael says "Ladys and gentleman, Mr. Burt Bacharach" Just so quaint.

What's your deal with my future wife? Ann is AWESOME. We'll chat about this later.

you old diva you. God love you, you old sticher. Ralph and I have had too many instances of sharing a bed. It's not anything we brag about. I do have great story of us waking up in bed together. Lots of booze and McDonald's wrappers. Just sayin.

Your Hero said...

had no idea that you even knew about the beautiful, lovely and talented Diana Krall. I have many of her cd's and even a dvd of her. When she is playing in the saab I have zero road rage because of her soothing voice. sucks she's married to elvis costello