Thursday, March 24, 2011

A bit distracted

As you all know by know, my job situation is changing.  With everything going on I'm a little out of sorts.  Be that as it may, I wanted to tell all of you faithful followers that whatever happens, happens.  I haven't been much of a blogger for a while and this week I haven't even been a follower of all of your great posts.  I don't have the want or the energy until I know were I will land, much less the great people who I work with ( or is it with whom I work? God how I hate the English language. It's supposed to be easy and I have a minor in it for crying out loud) and the people who will come on board with the merger.

Anyways, a hiatus is what is going to happen for the next few days.  Bear or bare (don't think it's the latter but too lazy to grab my dictionary) with me and I will let all of you know what transpires after next week.  Might throw a link or video just so I don't lose anyone in the mean time.

On a side note. We all get a song in our heads.  This morning as I showering Prince's great song "When Doves Cry" jumped into my head for whatever reason.  I was singing it to myself all day. As I drove home tonight, it came on the XM.  How freaky is that.  I found this version it is incredible.  Prince, as whacked as he is, is a very talented man and the lyrics are incredible.  I'll be back in a few days. 

Thanks to all of you who don't know me from Adam for your great support. It warms my heart and is greatly appreciated. To all of my homeboys who read and never comment, I thank all of you as well.  One way or another I'll be fine. No sense in worrying about me. None at all. Thanks again though, you weary band of malcontents.  It's nice to know there are so many friends I haven't met yet. Who knows where I will land, but knowing that you are just friends I haven't met is comforting. God speed to you all. Meanwhile enjoy this great acoustic version. Peace out.                         Did I really just say that?


Pam said...

Here's hoping everyone lands on their feet in the change-over, that opportunities will abound for you, and that change is just what you didn't know you needed in your life.

And that song is a top fave of mine also. And the movie, Purple Rain.

Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

Perhaps this will be just the catalyst you need. I'm wishing you all the best.

As far as songs go, there are times that I will wake up in the morning with a song in my head that I haven't heard in years. It will be there all day, whether I like you're not. On today's hit parade, Peter and the Wolf.

Jenny said...

I have faith that nice guys do finish first and that everyone associated with the merger will land softly. But, there's always "survivor guilt" so be prepared.

Blogging has been an anchor for me during many rough times and I would encourage you to do exactly what you're doing; take a little time off. You'll get your Bloggy Mojo back and we'll all be here when you do.

Have a great weekend.

Milk River Madman said...

I'm looking forward to it actually.

I've been singing "Walk on by" all morning and just posted about it.

I was raised Catholic so I wake up every day just guilty I'm alive. It's amazing how guilt is the foundation of Catholicism. Maybe that's why none of us St. Mary's alum still attend Mass.