Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MCW "Most overrated movie"

Is it time for MCW already?  Wow.  In case anyone may be new here's how it works.  Over here at MRM headquarters a theme is picked and then you find a clip that matches said theme, around three minutes is about right, put it up on your blog and then come over here and tell everyone that you are "up" and ready to roll.  We'll come by and check it out.  Got it?

This week's theme is "Most Overrated Movie".  It's a theme chosen by Boxer, who used to host this little meme.  Remember those days, when the meme was fun and organized? Me too. Oh what the hell! It's surviving ain't it? 

This theme had sooooooooooo many choices.  "Unforgiven" and "Gladiator" immediately came to mind.  Anything with Ben Affleck, DeNiro or Pacino (excluding "The Godfather") Clooney or Keanu.  That's just for warmups.

There has been though, one movie that always stood out to me as being extremely overrated.  I couldn't understand why it was breaking every box office record, especially after I watched it.  The movie of course is "Titanic".  *insert "I already knew how it was going to end" joke here.  Why did I even go?  Why do you think, there was this woman you see and.....................................

I happened to be in Billings and this chick that I knew there didn't have anything going on.  She was always pretty flirty and nice enough looking so I thought "dinner and a movie and then maybe find out if she snores late at night"   Hey!!  That was a pretty good plan for me back in the day.  So we had some Chinese food, went to Titanic and I stayed at Ralph's where we drank beer and listened to music til 2 AM.  Two out of three.

Back to the movie though.  What was it's appeal?  It was a love story that's been told a skillion times so it couldn't be that. It was "authentic". Whatshisass the director had everything down to the last detail.  I remember someone telling me that James Cameron used the same dishes from the same dish manufacturer.  So?  Does that make it a good movie? Because he bought his dishes at the same store?  Did James Franco really cut his arm off in that movie about the guy who cut his arm off?  And what was the thing with Leonardo?  He was a skinny punk back then.  No way does he steal Winslet from Billy Zane.  That ain't happening.  Kate Winslet naked barely held my interest.

So I went to the movie. Drove this chick back to her place where I'm sure she "had to get up early" and then went to Ralph's.  But wait there's more.  Later I was talking to my friend Sally.  Sally is one of my best friends of all time and definately my best female friend. She summed up "Titanic" the best.  "It was horrible.  Three hours of JACK!  ROSE!  JACK!! ROSE!"  I've always liked that description. Wouldn't it be great if someone else thought the same thing? 

YOUTUBE you magnificient bastard!!  Some persone actually went through the effort of putting two clips together, one of Rose saying "Jack" one of Jack saying "Rose". This is a day when I love you, youtube.  Now, if someone would just put a bunch more "Seinfeld" clips up so that when I need them they are there, I'll be way happy.

Happy MCW.  I have pool league tonight and it's snowing like a sonofgun out there so don't know if I'll be around tonight to check things out but will be tomorrow.  Remember that next week's theme is favorite scene from "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas movie. 


Aunty Belle said...

NOOOOOO! No no no!

Jinxed, drat! An' I even did mine early so I couldn't be jinxed.. grrrr ooooh, double drat!!

Well, I'll help ya take on all them who thinks this wss a great movie. Together, we can prevail.

Aunty Belle said...

Okaaaaay, you really deserve to be first. ya found more better gooder hilarious snickerin' good clips.

Anonymous said...

Jack! I mentioned this "Film". Rose!

Karl said...

Good evening MRM,

We both seem to be James Cameron fans. My BS alarm started going off as soon as the water started to flow.

I'm up with a different presentation from the same man.

Good luck with Pool. Drive safe. And thank you for the information, I'll get back to you.

Buzz Kill said...

Is it me or does Kate Winslet saying "Jack" really fast sound dirty? A chick flick for sure but I kind of liked it as a period piece and because it was done on such a grand scale. I still think A Night To Remember was a better movie.

Anyway, I'm up at the Buzzkill with some of the worst accents you'll ever hear.

I'll be around wednesday night to see what everyone else is doing.

Happy MCW! Oh, I liked the Ralph story too.

Princess said...

Oh Madman I enjoyed this more than the movie itself... Thank god you had the decency to refrain from assaulting the ears with that warbling Kanuck Cow... Now that's a really overrated singer...
I preffered the unsinkable Molly Brown to this guff...
Happy MCW...

Milk River Madman said...

AB, A blog jinx on the highest grossing film of all time. Who knew?

63, It's the best one line review of this movie.

Karl, Yup. I'm a fan of Cameron. He's right up there with Michael Moore and Oliver Stone.

BK, I did enjoy the period piece and do like them in general but for my life couldn't figure out the appeal. Ralph moved to Carson City, NV and life has sucked a little ever since. We do enjoy a night of Skype and music on occasion. The 21st century is a good time to be alive.

Princess, I like Celine's first CD. Ralph call's her the "Scream Singer."

Roses said...

Damn, damn, damn!

I was going to put Titanic up, but popped over here first.

Now I have no idea.


Joanna Cake said...

LMAO at Jack! Rose! Priceless! After the ship sinking, which I always enjoy watching for the special effects, that is the over-riding memory of the film :)

Im hoping no blog jinx with what I've offered up :)

moi said...

Awesome. Looks like Cameron is getting the hate he deserves. I'm UP!

sparringK9 said...

agreed. too long over blown melodrama. that scene with precious Rose partying with the commoners is more than anyone should have to take. Stop freaking trying to moralize on us James Cameron. You should have stuck with rehashing others art: i.e. Terminator 2 and Aliens. as IF you could make art like Ridley. Poseur! Im glad your ex-wife killed you at the oscars. BooYA.

im up with the dreaded english patient

Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting You-Tube and have no contribution but wanted to visit my buds.Didn't see this crap, of course.

Unforgiven WAS over-rated. Not terrible, but over-rated.

Milk River Madman said...

Roses, no idea? None? There are plenty of overrated movies. I'm sure you'll find one.

JC,special effects were good but I'm starting to think that Cameron is just a grade A jackass.

Moi, I should have had the theme "most hated Cameron movie."

K9, getting the feeling that both you and Moi don't care for Cameron much. Just a hunch.

Troll, I won't go on my "Unforgiven" rant. Suffice it to say I was disappointed.

moi said...

Phew. Glad to see I'm not the only person who head scratched Unforgiven's accolades. I love Clint Eastwood, but not that movie.

Pam said...

Awww, I kinda liked this movie at the time it came out. Took a teen daughter to see it and it was great mom/Kym time. But now? I'd rather be shot in public than have to sit through it. Love the Jack/Rose clips though. That is pricessless. I'm up on my page.

Jenny said...

you know what I did? I did Christmas Movie, came over last night to make the annoucement and discovered I was a week off.

So, see you next week. :-)

Milk River Madman said...

Moi, I like Clint as well. That movie, not so much.

Pam, it probably was a good movie to take a Dicaprio smitten teenage girl to watch.

Boxer, On my way over to look at your Christmas movie.

moi said...

Just dropping by to give you a quick high five on Napoleon Dynamite. Yesssssss.

Ralph said...

Not a big James Cameron fan either myself. I loved the Ralph story though. I have a few more I could tell you all some time.


Roses said...

Nope. No idea what so ever.

I did consider Keanu's Day the Earth Stood Still. But given the 'wooden man' was in it, I knew what to expect.

Milk River Madman said...

Moi, Pedro offers his protection.

Ralph, you just leave the Ralph stories to me. That way they'll be fair and balanced. Delmer and I were actually working on a Ralph story that still needs written. Remember the time you broke your hand? What was that? Which time? Exactly. hahahahahah

Roses, too many overrated movies, too little time to write about them.