Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its warmer than it looks

Here are some photos I took at the playoff game last week. The battery in my camera died so I took these with my phone. Enjoy.  It was 10 degrees F at kickoff but did warm up to 12 degrees by the 3rd quarter.

This is before the end of the first half. I had to leave early to get the food out for the halftime festivities.  Double T and his crew got there early to put down the straw which really helped in keeping your feet warm.

This is not quite 5 minutes later.  Poor boy sandwiches, chicken gumbo, cold shrimp, cold cuts, cheese, beer, Crown, Alpines, Irish coffee.  What's your pleasure?

Just before the opening kickoff.

Cats kicking off in the fourth quarter.  The only time they lead.


Skinny Santa Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving.  Having Crown with my buddy Cheese whose finger can be seen in the upper right. 


Buzz Kill said...

Wow, you Montana guys know how to tailgate. And you look nothing like santa.

Tanaya said...

I actually looked for myself in your picture of the field. We sat in 101 row 22 - real close to where your picture was taken. I didn't think the weather was too bad. I only got cold walking back to the car. Disappointment might have had something to do with that.

You look a little bohemian in your Thanksgiving photo - not quite like Santa.

Pam said...

Wow, what a view! I'm sure it was warm with the crowd all fired up for the big game anyway! Sorry your team didn't win :(

Milk River Madman said...

Buzz, it was BG who said I look like a skinny Santa "Eat Poppa eat!" TT throws a party.

Tanaya, I'm in 102 row 22. It got way colder when the score went 35-17. WAY COLDER.

Pam, it was very disappointing. Didn't like the adjustments they made at half-time. Or lack there of I must say. The crowd was awesome. Watching the game on DVR they were loud.