Friday, November 5, 2010

Random thoughts about the election and American scene.

Had a couple of drinks with my friend Jon at The Mint here in Belgrade.  Our waitress/bartender has a husband who has served two tours in Iraq.   Jon asked to borrow $60 bucks from me as he was out of cash. I didn't ask why.  He's good for it.  He says " I'm going to buy her and her husband dinner for his service."  I told him I was in for half.  She was very touched.  Even better news.  She said she'd been offered a position at The Grantree where I stop every Friday.  Jessica, I look forward to seeing you there and thanks to your husband Nate for his service. 

Things that crossed my mind while wondering how Barry and the media don't get it.

1) This election was a huge statement by America.  They have said that DC doesn't listen.  The vast majority of Americans didn't want the stimulus or Obamacare. Despite that, these liberal thugs passed the legislation and have crippled generations of Americans to come.  The funny thing is that now Barry and Harry are calling for "compromise".  To them I say "FUCK YOU".  You had your chance and didn't listen. The next two years our hopefull ours.

2) Nancy Pelosi has decided to take a week and go to a spa.  I feel so bad for her.  No more bi-weekly plane rides home for her and 130 staffers to San Francisco.  Back to a life of irrellavance.  The most ineffective Speaker of my lifetime.  Hopefully they are having a botox and implant special at the spa. That will make her feel better.

3) Here in the 41st state, Republicans won big.  Going into this election, the house was split at 50/50. Coming out if it, it's 68-32.  Good luck with that Governor Schweitzer.  You are a punk and won't be able to spend the rest of the actual surplus you inherited.  Not only that, because of term limits you are done in two years. Happy days are truly here again.

4) I listened to part of Barry's speech on Wednesday. For a moment, he almost sounded humble.  Then he turned back into the arrogant prick he is.  Reaffirming the first impression he ever made on me.  Start figuring out what you're going to do with your life after the 2012 election. How a man of such mental incompetence and total lack of what America really is got elected is beyond me.

5) The established Republicans had better keep their shit together.  The people spoke loud and clear and John Boehner (sp?) made a promise he'd better keep.  Obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

6) Here's the deal (BTW that's how you can tell when a salesman is lying to you, except of course in this case) if John and the establishment don't do what they say they were going to do, they'll get THEIR asses kicked in two years and Barry will have control and finish his destruction of the greatest nation on Earth. Hold fast.  There is nothing wrong with saying "no".  That's what my ex-wife used to tell me all the time.

7) You can tell how effective the Tea Party movement was/is by the amount of air time all the MSM outlets are giving it.  If they weren't worried, the Tea Party wouldn't get any air time.  They spend more time talking about the Tea Party then what is wrong with Obama.

8)  Despite all my criticism so far for the MSM they really asked Obama tough questions in his press conference.  He deflected and deferred and stuttered like Montana's Max Baucus and never really answered their questions but that didn't stop one reporter after another from going after him. Let's see if they continue to attack his words or just made a show and go back to business as usual.

9) How retarded are the people of Nevada? The highest unemployment in the nation. The highest rate of foreclosures in the nation. Still, they chose Harry Reid. You deserve everything that happens to you Nevada.  I fell no sympathy for you. Oh, California, you as well. 

10)  Here in Bozeman here's what was said today. Franke Wilmer, who was re-elected and is a political science proffesor (is there an easier degree to get the a PS degree? Yes, journalism. A "will work for food guy" could get one on-line in about 6 hours) said this (paraphrasing) "The republicans gained control of the house but there are the Tea Party Republicans and moderate Republicans so there are really three parties in the house next session." Really Franke?  There aren't four?  Are you saying that all democrats are liberals then? Sounds like it to me.  No worries. All democrats are liberals who hate America. Some just hate America more than others.

11) If I'm John Boehner, I propose to repeal health care once a month. Period. End of story.  It guarantees Conservative control in 2012.

12) I'm astonished at how the MSM isn't paying attention to how the people voted. PSCYHE! Or is it SIKE! Anyway, that was sarcasm.  They are already spinning this as I'm sure all the faithful readers of the drivel know.  This was a complete embarassement for the "Chosen One".  This man is incapable of leadership and is in so far over his head that I'm surprised his nose isn't bleeding openly at every press conference he gives.  Harvard should be embarassed that this moron could get through this "pretigious" university with anything higher than a "D".  Not bragging, but if had attended MSU, Barry would have flunked out and would be working for Valley Taxi.  That's if he can drive a car which I don't think he can.

13) I voted for myself three times this year.  Once for county attorney, once for county auditor and once for something else that I can't remember. I've never voted for myself before.  I always write in my Mother if I don't like the Republican or if the democrat is unopposed.  My mom is a liberal and with so much on the line I didn't want to give her a chance.

14) Way back in the mid 80's, I wrote my mom in for mayor. So did my brother Bill.  On the radio the next day, Greg K was reading the results on air.  "For mayor Byron Ereaux had xxx votes, so and so had xxx votes and Alvina G had two votes.  Well, it's nice to see Chip and Bill out at the voting booth."  My Mother, like the Queen, was not ammused.

Sidenote:  Troll, good to have you back.  I see you are a community organizer now.  Good for you. Look what that did for whathisname.  Bobcats have a TOUGH game against Weber State. If they win it's on to the gates of Mount Doom to secure the Big Sky Conference championship and knock the dark pink out of the playoffs and end their 18 year streak. Oh please. Oh please.

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Pam said...

All great thoughts and comments. Except starting hoping that government downsizing doesn't mean ... me! Anyway, substitute Sterling for the dog and the little kitty is Sally and that is what life is like around this house. Happy weekend to you!

moi said...

Pelosi looked so stricken as the press hounded her post election. And that woman never gives up an opportunity to shine it on for the cameras. For one split second, I almost felt sorry for the little witch.

I'm not sure what this election proves other than the fact that Americans are certainly capable of speaking their minds with their votes. Which is a good thing. But I'm not so sure that what WE want to happen, as witness our votes, and what our representatives can and will make happen are one in the same. You said it: the conservatives better get their act together, keep the message tight and on point, and not get bogged down by stupid stuff that doesn't matter.

And good you and your bud. I believe that one of the few proper functions of government is to form and fund (through taxes) a strong military. I'll always support that. However, that doesn't mean I believe in using that military to bully the rest of the world or to involve our dedicated and highly skilled men and women in useless conflict. I hope Nate comes home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was deep analysis. I only have ONE rebuttal. The actual legitimate CITIZENS of Nevada do NOT deserve Harry Reid. There was a massive amount of VOTE-FRAUD in the handful of counties that he "won".

He lost in the vast majority of the State and amongst those who have a legitimate right to vote in Nevada elections.

fishy said...

I am morose about the Nevada results. I think it dismal all of our nation must be subjected to more Reid because of Nevadans stupidity or frauds. Whichever ... we are stuck with Harry the Destructor. I have proposed all thinking Americans boycott Nevada until Harry is removed from office.

In South Carolina main stream Republicans gushed money into a fund AGAINST Tea Party endorsed
Nikki Haley in support of the democratic candidate Sheheen. So Haley will be the Governor with a
state house chock full of anit-Haley republicans. Yes, you did read that correctly; main stream republicans endorsed/funded the democratic candidate over the republican candidate.

So far the main stream republicans have failed to recognize the intent of the people . Something I fear will also be true in Washington. I'd like to believe they actually heard, or understood, the heads up from Marco Rubio down in Florida. I guess we will know by Spring.

The economic gurus are trying to get the attention of the main streamers to advise a Washington stalemate or status quo will be ruinous. I hope they will be more than heard.
Others have noted an economic collapse, once a republican majority is seated, is a desired goal.

I loathe all this gamesmanship in place of statesmanship.

I wonder what Nate's comments would be? I wonder if he received a timely and complete absentee ballot? And bravo! to you good guys for showing your military thanks in such a great personal and local way.

I have zero compassion for Pelosi who clearly does not need any more botox. Her artifice is already beyond calibrating.

Tanaya said...

Nevada reelecting Reid reminds me of what Ann Coulter said after John Murtha was relected after calling his constituents racists.

"This was such an enormous Democratic year that even John Murtha won his congressional seat in Pennsylvania after calling his constituents racists. It turns out they're not racists -- they're retards. Question: What exactly would one have to say to alienate Pennsylvanians?"

A great post finished off with one of my favorite Far Side comics.

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