Friday, November 5, 2010

MCW theme for 11/10/10

Sorry kids.  I totally forgot about posting a theme last night.  Anyway, here's a different twist on MCW.  Pick a movie that was your first date with someone.  Whether it's your current partner or someone from high school or junior high.  Tell us what movie you watched.  Maybe how you chose that movie and if you ended up making out or getting shut down.  You know, important stuff. Did it lead to some kind of romance or did your date get up for popcorn and not come back.  Maybe she ended up at the post-prom keggar with Tim Starkey instead of the guy who paid for her corsage and dinner at Stines (right Shoey hahahahahahha.  Still classic.  Just think, that ISN'T the story he wanted me to not tell.  Love ya Shoey)  Sorry I'm late.  Right now I'm imagining Buzz as Ming the Merciless.

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Jenny said...

Excellent!!!!!!! I'll be there.