Friday, November 26, 2010

In case you're interested.

I'm sure everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinners.  I had a great time.  Had to friends over who didn't have a place to go so I cooked a nice prime rib roast and we watched football and laughed hard.  It was a great day. 

Here's some links for you to peruse if you have nothing better to do.

The first one is from a site call Ned Hardy and this link is to a list he has entitled "32 undeniable truths for mature humans".  Here's a sample "#23. The only time I look forward to a red light is when I’m trying to finish a text." There's plenty more where that came from.

Over at Filmdrunk the completely awesome Vince Mancini has a red band trailer to a movie being released on December 3rd called "Rare Exports". Here's the plot "A mining company accidentally unleashes a killer Santa Claus who had been trapped deep inside a mountain for millions of years. The Santa Claus goes on a killing rampage, until the townspeople lure him into a trap using a severed pig’s head as bait, and decide to hold him for ransom."  I'm definately going to this.

Next up is a little clip I found over at Steve Czaban's place.  It's the famous turkey scene from WKRP in Cincinnati.  God Loni Anderson was hot.

Over at American Thinker, Tom Roberson has written an interesting piece on Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal.  I really like Jindal but if Roberson has done his homework, and I'm sure he has, then I'm all for jumping off the Jindal bandwagon.

A guy at work is always talking about Theo Spark.  It's not a bad site.  Doesn't really do it for me but some of you may enjoy it.

If you have nothing better to do. 


fishy said...

Hey Madman,
glad you had a Thankful day.
I also read the offerings over at American Thinker, did you read:
" Dependency and the Destruction of American Virtues", 11-25-2010 by
Daniel Fitzgerald? Sad truths.

I have heard from Louisiana relatives Jindal is like the old nursery rhyme:
"... when he was good he was very, very good and when his was bad he was HORRID".

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: Bobby The Kid Jihndhal is not in my Top 10 for 2012 or 2016. But I do think Robertson was hyper-critical in saying "Bobby is afraid to take on entrenched Special Interests".

That's a herculean task in Louisianna which has a weak Governor system and a surfeit of boards and committees with a great deal of pull that are largely immune to Gubernatorial action.

The "Levee Board", for example has something like 137 completely incompetent relatives of democrat New Orleans politicians getting large salaries for doing nothing.

It's immune to Gubernatorial Action and the Federal Reforms that Bush put in after Katrina, were promptly dropped by the Kenyan and his Obamanation Administration.

The "jungle primary" system. 4 year terms in the State House. Napoleonic Code. Direct election of Lt. Gov and Cabinet. Gerrymandered Senate Districts.

These are just a few factors that allow corrupt democrats to cling to power in Louisiana that most other Governors don't have to deal with.

Karl said...

Good evening MRM,

Laughed hard is the important one. And Hardly's list is good for a grin.

Tanaya said...

I've seen a variation of Hardy's list before, but it still makes me laugh like a 15 year old boy. My personal favorites are the need for a sarcasm font, more kisses beginning with Miller Lite and the one that every small town Montana kid can appreciate...

10. Bad decisions make good stories.

Jenny said...

Laughing with friends is a pretty great day in my book too. I'm glad your Thanksgiving found you with good food and Company.

And thanks for the links, I always like it when fellow Bloggers make suggestions.

I hope you're enjoying one last day of leftovers.

moi said...

Ooooooo tough one for this week's MCW.