Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bret Favre, World Champion Ass-clown

(Photo courtesy of With Leather)

Well, Brett Favre has shown again why he is the biggest douchebag in pro sports. Honestly, what did anyone ever see in this clown? If he doesn't play in Green Bay, where the team is owned by the fans, where they still play for the city, where the franchise will never leave, he would be more hated than almost any player in the league.

This is a guy who plays football for one person and one person only and that is Bret Farve. My dad's dead? Fuck it , I'm playing football. My wife has breast cancer? If you think I'm giving up on my streak your fucking crazy. Watch my kids grow up and enjoy my millions? Peyton is too close to my records.

Sticking around for a long time and piling up big numbers doesn't necessarily make you one of the greatest of all time. He has one Superbowl. One. So does Trent Dilfer. So does Brad Johnson. So does Earl Morrell. So does Mark Rypien. You get the picture. Favre had a great five year run but has had only one season in the last 7 where he might have been able to win again. One.

I'm sick of hearing ESPN announcers felate him and how "nobody has more fun". Really? Nobody? I'm sick of hearing them say that "he feels he can still compete" despite what the numbers show. I'm sorry, but a QB rating of 85 can be done by better than half the league and there are at least 10 guys starting in the NFL right now that could make the Vikings Superbowl contenders as much as Bret Favre so let's not make him the saviour of this franchise yet. Especially when they haven't won a game yet. Adrian Peterson will want his 25-30 carries and if Bret doesn't want to hand it off that much than Peterson may become a little unhappy. Nothing hurts your Superbowl chances more than a disgruntled running back.

The Vikings were going to be good without Favre. Just adding him does not guarantee greatness. Lets not forget how he faded down the stretch last year in New York. Throw out the 6 TD games against the Cardinals (yes Bill, the Cardinals) and he was barely mediocre. So live it up Farve fans. By the end of the year, he will still be king of the douchebags. A title he richly deserves.


kmwthay said...

Agreed. Brett has lost all credibility with many, many people. Brett, everyone was going to respect you for the quarterback great you were. You would have lived in our memories as one of the "great ones."

You're too old. You aren't as quick on your feet as you once were. You've lost some arm strength. You should have gone out when you'd be remembered as a legend. Now, you'll be remembered as a joke.

Jen said...

I think it's going to be a long, cold, lonely fall for someone, especially when 'the butte girl' LOVES #4.

Milk River Madman said...
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TROLL Y2K said...

Wow, that was harsh. Especially the reference to his Father and Wife.

As a player, I had him ranked #2 behind John Elway prior to his first retirement. As a person, he's probably flawed but...

Alan Iverson? Mikey Vick?

He's not in the Top Ten of Sports Asshats. If you're looking to beat on someone who played WAY TOO LONG and HURT HIS TEAM in the pursuit of individual stats, beat up on Pete Rose.

Favre isn't the "player/manager" of the Vikings taking a roster spot from someone more deserving. He's a free agent whom the Viking's owners think give them their best shot at success.

My guess is that Favre wants to win, wants the money, and WILL hand the ball off to Peterson when the coaches determine that to be the best play. I don't think he's looking to pad his career statistics vis-a-vis Peyton Manning or anyone else.

Milk River Madman said...


I do believe that Favre is an asshat and def in the top 10. Everything he does is orchestrated to put the spotlight directly on him. Did you listen to that bullshit story about talking to his daughter? C'mon CT!! Do you think that if his daughter had said, "Daddy, stay home and take me to school every day" he would do it? Not on your life.

The measure of a man is how he takes care of his family and many a pro athlete has put there family first. Favre would rather play football then enjoy watching his children grow up.

I could't disagree more about him wanting to pad his personal stats. I believe this is what drives him first and foremost. Should he play as long as someone will pay him. Indeed he should. Just be a man about it and say I'm playing. More if his egomania.

The Rose argument is the same as the Favre one. Reds ownership gave Pete the manager/player position and he took it. Was he obsessed with Cobb's record? Absolutely! And Reds' ownership help feed that obsession. They are in business to win and sell tickets just like the Vikes.

Favre has not been an effective quarterback in at least five years. He has played hurt when he wasn't effective to keep his streak intact and cost his head coach a job.

My point on hand the ball off to Peterson is this, no matter what the coaches want, if Bret thinks he has a "hot read" he's going to call a different play, even when the read is not there. He is a narcissist supreme.

Mike Vick deserves a post as well and will get one. Butte Girl (and Favre stalker) chewed my ass last night about that.

Elway #1? I'll let that one slide but as a player I have Favre way ahead of Elway but neither are in the top 5 of QB's.

Not often do we disagree and maybe this is personal for me as I've never liked him. yeah, that's probably what it is.

Thanks CT.

Jen said...

I like "Trolls" rebutal, and I agree (although I know nothing about the baseball stuff, not my 'thing'.) Your write-up is seriously, too 'harsh', and I personally think you need to chill out!

I think you are completely wrong on the fatherhood aspect. (Wow am I really going to say 'wrong', ON YOUR BLOG, eek! I'm sure there are serious ramifications for that. hehe.)

You are seriously off the deep end and might be drowning in B.S. ;) I'd save you but don't really want to get that dirty.

.. still want to send the 'chip sealers' working out here down your shop to do some real 'Chip' sealing!

I do give you credit for this. You are 100% right that I AM once again looking forward to the NFL season, and yesterday was a GREAT, HAPPY day for me. Yet to be determined, how many games you'll be watching with this 'butte girl'. I don't think you can mind your manners. ;)

Milk River Madman said...


Please remember that this blog is a Chiptatorship and not a free country. I'm not too harsh and he had better throw for 300 and 2 TD's every game or his treatment will be worse.

TROLL Y2K said...

I didn't hear the daughter stuff and you probably know more about his personal and career situation than I do. If you've seen 5 NFL games in the last 5 years, you know the current league better than I.

I did however watch Elway. I've got to see the list of 5 QBs you have ranked higher than a guy who led a mediocre team to the play-offs several times, had the strongest arm in the leage for a decade, could run well early in his career, won two Superbowls, is a well-respected political Conservative, was the KING of the gutsy 4th Quarter Comeback and holds a lot of passing records.

Surely you don't have Cocaine Danny Marino ahead of him because he passed for a lot of yards in 55-45 Dolphin LOSSES.

pam said...

Here's the deal probably: He puts butts in seats and that equals dollars. People go to see him succeed. People go to see him sacked.

Milk River Madman said...


1) Montana (dont give me the Jerry Rice argument. You're better than that)

2) Unitas - Elway wishes he were as tough

3) Starr - a pure winner all the way

4) Brady - Three rings and ice in his veins

5) Manning - Has every throw in the book.

yess he puts butts in the seats but so will Michael Vick. Its not about that with me, its about how he gets a free pass as an egomaniac but guys like TO are raked over the coals for the similar behavior.

5Wood said...

Amen Brother, you know your preaching to the choir here. Lets just say if a Defensive Lineman were to roll up Farve's knee like Brady got last year in week one I wouldn't be crushed. Of course Goddell would probably suppend that DL for a year. And I truly believe that if Don Shula had not been given too much power on personel moves Dan Marino would definatley be in that top 5, cause if they would have given him half the talent around him as Manning or Brady or Favre for that reason he prolly has 3 rings of his own and that might be conservative.

5Wood said...

Oh ya where is my Top Chef recap on the Las Vegas Season Premier...........

Milk River Madman said...


check out The Troll's blog for a great recap. Also make a note to follow him. He's a staunch MF and I like him. All the people who read this who aren't from Montana are because of him. Put him on your favorites especially for Top Chef. Oh yeah, he writes a mean haiku.

TROLL Y2K said...

1) Montana. In my top 5 list too. But I give the edge to Elway because of the cannon arm versus average NFL arm.

2) Unitas. My old man has him ranked #1. Never saw him myself.

3) Starr. Never saw. Pretty sure his team threw about 10 passes a game so it's a little hard to compare.

4) Brady. Haven't seen enough to evaluate. But not even CLOSE to Elway as a natural athlete.

5) Manning. I might rank him ahead of Elway when his career is over. But keep in mind that Manning has played his whole career in the "quarterback can't be hit" era.
The first 5 years or so of Elway's career it was still a man's league.

Speaking of the Man's League Era. If there was ONE QB from the good ole days who I think would ROCK IT in today's league, it's Joe Namath.
Cannon arm. Release as quick as Montanas. Great athlete. Heck, the botched major knee surgery that curtailed his career would be solved by a 1 hour arthroscopy today. Watch a tape of the Jets super-bowl victory and count how many times Namath was DRILLED in a way that would draw not only a penalty, but a FINE in today's league. And keep in mind QBs took those hits in EVERY game back then.

My old man picks Unitas on that score too.

Milk River Madman said...


Nice point on Manning and Brady playing in a skirt era. I'm so much of a numbers guy that I get lost in that. One guy that gets ommitted from the conversation totally is Staubach. We always forget that the first five years of his career were spent fulfilling commitment to the Navy after graduating from Annapolis. Five years of numbers to add to a very impressive total and Staubach's name would be mentioned more frequently.

TROLL Y2K said...


I made this a POLL at The Troll Report. And posted my top 5. Staubach is on it.