Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts #16

Things that crossed my mind while wondering how people can believe in global warming and not Bigfoot.

The message to most sane people is very clear. This health care package is a pile of dogshit.  It is nothing more than government control of 1/6 of the economy.  The question is: why is it so hard for democratic leadership to see that this bill is nothing that the people want?  The other question is: how stupid are the people who voted Pelosi, Reid et al in office?  Who is stupider? More stupid? Stupidest? Whatever.

President Obama hates success. Except his own.  He has done NOTHING with his life except try to take money from hard working people and give it to lazy people.  He is the absolute proof that an Ivy League education isn't worth as much as my collection of cribbage boards.

The significance of me having 14 songs on my playlist is because that is the number that Pete Rose wore when he played baseball.  Pete bet on baseball but never against the Reds. Was that right? Probably not.  Does he deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? Not according to the rules. This probably deserves and entire blog but Pete was his own worst enemy and is paying the price for that.  I will say this, find me someone in today's game who plays even half as hard as Rose played and I'll kiss your ass in front of the post office and give you a half hour to draw a crowd.

Pam in OKC was close when she said that she knew it had to do with sports.  She thought it was MY number.  God bless ya kid. You were on the right track.  For that, you are the winner and get to pick a playlist that I will post.  Give me 14-18 songs (in case I can't find some of them) and I'll dedicate my next Tuesday Tunes to you. Pam's on my "blogs I follow" list.  If you aren't reading her (or the rest of them) do yourself a favor and give her a read.

I dream in color.  Big, beautiful color.  When Bigfoot and me are fighting crime and being superheros, the villains blood spills red. When I'm having a dream where Bigfoot is chasing me, its still in color but not as much fun.

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Chef Troll said "fuck" in one of his blog posts.  I had to re-read it to make sure I was on the right site.  CT had to be pissed to write that.  He hardly ever swears.  I laughed my fucking ass off.  Good times.

Bozeman was in the national news recently because the city council is going to spend $50,000.00 of stimulus money to refurbish a tennis court at one of the city parks.  Our esteemed governor Brian "I'm a bully and arrogant prick" Schweitzer came to a city council meeting and accosted the council for this wreckless spending.  This after he had signed a bill that said the money could be spent for "parks and recreation".  He is a headline grabbing pile of mung.  His solution:  take the $50,000.00 and spend it on the water treatment plant and take 50k from the city coffers and spend it on the tennis courts.  Ummm, OK, like no one with a brain will figure that out.

More on the governor, I was at a tailgate party a couple of years ago talking to my boss from college, BS (coincidence that those are his initials, I THINK NOT) came up, shook my hand and asked how I was. I said fine.  I looked at Harry, my ex- boss and said "See that Harry. I'm a product of good upbringing.  The governor shook my hand and asked how I was doing?  I wanted to say 'fuck you, you money spending whore' but I didn't"  Harry looked at me and said "Time and place Chipper. Time and place."  Good advice.

My little sister needed a place to stay for a bit so she's living with me.  I now have two dogs in the house and its good.  Tack is a little Corgi, Yorgi whatever but he's a good pup. Sloan doesn't' give a shit so its all good.  Its nice to have her here.

The next anniversary of my birth is rapidly approaching.  The arrangements for the celebration at The Prodigy's cabin have been made.  He had a blackberry so maybe I can do some live updates from there. Don't hold your collective breaths.  Not making promises, it's just an idea.

I wish I could sing.  By that, I mean when I sung, people wouldn't fall to the ground and writhe in pain.

I told The Prodigy that I worry about the things I can't control.  He responded "Of course you do, the things you can control you never worry about".  It made worrying less stressful.  Does that make sense?

I hate Bret Favre. He's a great quarterback but a complete phony.  He makes Obama look forthright.  Big Sis hates him as well.  Butte Girl is in love with him.  When Sis sent me a text last Sunday that she hated Favre, BG said "Noooooooooo, I like Kay"  I said "you can still like her, she's just right in the head, that's all"

Sorry for the pause.  Barry White was playing.  70's on 7 is a great channel.

I have a gumbo recipe that is alright but I need a better one.  My rioux, rue, whatever its called isn't as good as the Cajun place here in town but everything else is great.  CT, do you have a good roo, rioux, rue stock you can send?  Thanks in advance you sonofagun.

Getting a little Crowny here and it's good.  It was a long day. Friday is a comin!!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  You all need to work with me on Friday. It's singin and skippin and smilen all day long. If I get a call from a customer that I know won't go well, I wait till Monday to cal them back. It takes a lot to fuck up a Friday for me and if I can avoid it til Monday, I Goddamn sure will.

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h said...

The Mariners have a player named, I think, Ichiro Suzuki, who plays the game the way it's supposed to be played. Hit what you think is an easy pop-fly, don't stand there scratching your crotch, RUN to first as fielders DO drop balls. Hit what you think is a Home-Run, RUN to first until you KNOW it's a Home-Run. Then circle the bases as if you've done it before and don't act like a freaking clown.

I once watched steroid-pumped ass-clown Sammy Sosa stand at home plate to do a little dance after hitting long drives twice in one game. Neither turned out to be homers. They could have been triples but wound up being singles.

FC who comments at my blog just posted a gumbo roux recipe.

I think it's...

I've been bad about language lately and need to remember the pride I once took in NOT swearing.

I embarassed myself on the Golf Course on Thursday by swearing in earshot of ladies. No reason for that.