Friday, January 8, 2010

Just some things I had lying (or is it laying?) around.

This is just a funny picture about erections.  You know erections.

Some guy dressing as Ted Williams for halloween.

Former um Head Coach Bobby Hauck's girlfriend wearing the shirt he bought her for Christmas.

Just another "isoloated incident".

My great-great-great-great-great how ever times Grandmother's grave in Windsor, CN.  Buried in 1669.


Pam said...

Grrrhaha on the top photo. It is a very English phrase and the Barclays Bank ad told me immediately it is England. Or thereabouts. My husband had been working in the "erecting shop" of his company just before I met him and he still has the tool box (I know, I know) with his name and department stenciled in.

Kymical Reactions said...

gerherhahahah to the "isolated incident" photo! And touching about your many great grandmother's grave pic. I'm impressed it's in such great shape and legible after all this time!

Glad you're back!

Unknown said...

happy new year MRM.

this was the appropriate post to comment on since i have been lying around on my behind instead of taking the time years ago to sign up for your blog.

(lying - intransitive verb, one that does not take an object, meaning to recline)

(raising my glass) here's to another great year of crown on the rocks!