Friday, January 22, 2010

Silent Picnic

My good friend Rick, who has the blog "The Mobridge" that he never posts anything on, sent me this video of a family picnic.  I don't who the couple to the left are but the gentleman with the cigarette is Rick's father Lee.  The other toddler is his brother Scott (I'm pretty sure that Scott is the one with the bottle).  I'm assuming Rick's lovely mother Lila was the one running the camera.  Lee passed away two years ago so he was reunited with his lovely wife.  He was also my boss for 7+ years and taught me a lot about the business world and was a large contributor to my success.  After my first year in college, Lee and Lila were in Bozeman and took me to dinner with the boys.  Lila asked me how school was.  I told her that I had screwed up my financial aid application and probably wasn't going to go back for a year.  She took me aside later and said "Chip, I have my own money and I'll write you a loan if you need one to go to school."  She told me that if I wanted to drop out that was fine. If I wanted to go back to work, good for me but she told me that money would never be a reason I quit school because she wouldn't allow it.  A wonderful, wonderful woman indeed.  Rick is also the guy who set this blog up for me, so thanks Ricker.  We need to consume mass quantities sometime.

Enjoy the video. 


Pam said...

This is hysterical. That's how you train a kid.

rr256 said...

Thanks for the kind words, Chip! First bevs are on me!

I believe the other couple is Marion and Louis Waters.

I think Rick is working the wine and Scott is on the crackers. Scott has the "tan."

I believe this was shot at the Campgrounds in Landusky or Zortman (note the creek).