Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just another poem


I travel down a path
I know
Not where it leads

I am feeling some wrath
I know
From my life's past deeds

This life, it seems to toil
and yet
It must go forward

This life, it must not toil
and yet
That path it goes toward

Where now must come faith
This moment
It cannot waiver

I turn my head to space
This moment
I lean upon my Saviour

I travel down a road
This time
The right fork I follow

I bear a heavy load
This time
The darkness will not swallow

For with Him at my side
This storm
It to shall pass

On His shoulders I will ride
This storm
Until it ends at last

His way shall lead to light
And I
will bask in in its warm glow

The darkness will be bright
And I
Will see the gloom below

Take the high road I shall choose
And this
Will give me peace

For with Him I can not lose
And this
Will my soul release

CG 9/20/04


Ralph said...

I liked it Chip! RG

Uncle Scooty said...

That was really good - I can't decide if you or Al Gore is my favorite poet!

Unknown said...

Beautifully done. Another of yours? Hope all is well in Montana and you are staying warm!

Milk River Madman said...

Ralph, thanks.

US, thanks for putting me in such esteemed company. Was hoping for something less contempary.

Pam, yes that is all me.