Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 6/30/09

I needed some fresh ideas for the playlist to I went to my co-worker Dave for help. Dave's been with us about 5 years now. He's a great hand and he knows his 80's music. So I asked him to come up with some songs and I would make him famous. These are just some hits from the 80's and he covers a lot of ground from some classics to some other songs that you will remember. So give a click and have a listen.

Kym, contact me through my email. You were last week's winner and I'd love to have you come up with a list.


moi said...

Adam Ant! Totally underrated.

Don't drink, don't smoke,
What do you do?


Unknown said...

Some definite under-rated classics there! Including .. TARZAN Boy! Who has even thought of that record in about the last 10 years? Ha. I'm with Moi ... Adam Ant and Goody Two Shoes is a FAVE>