Friday, December 2, 2011

What an oversight

So I posted all of these Canadian bands and forgot the best of them all. I'm not going to look for the link. No way I can find it on the new format and with my limited skills. But if you remember, way back in the long ago, I had a post about if you were on an island for a year and could only take five CD's what would you take? That post was sadly met with limited response. It was heartbreaking because back then people actually read this shit. Anyway, one of my island CD's was April Wine "Nature of the Beast". For your viewing pleasure here is April Wine with "Roller". If I've post any of these videos previously, I don't give a shit. They are AWESOME!!! Watch them again. I do.


Milk River Madman said...

So here are some comments. Three great guitarists. Are you kidding me? To all you eightyoners, especially you Greg, do you guys remember the Skip Night dance? The band Ouije playing all of April Wine's songs? How hot was that? And then John Smith shooting takedowns with Mr. Floren? And the band coming to the back of the VFW to drink beer with us? And then the cops telling us we couldn't have a kegger behind the VFW so we moved it to The Trees? And then John coming to my house the next morning with the booze he stole from the VFW and saying we needed to "go look for Delmer"? Well most of you don't remember the last part. But John and I do. Hard to believe it was 30 years ago. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I was looking for Henry just this past summer. Some things never change. JStan