Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

I want all of you followers to have the best Christmas.  Life is changing for the better and I'll get you caught up on that.  Well, let's be honest. I've become a shitty blogger and you won't get much of anything.  The path to Hell being paved with good intentions and all that. Nonetheless. Thank you all for reading. For your wonderful comments. Your heartfelt wishes. It means the world to me.  I've met none of you yet I think that if, and possibly when I do, it will be like old times.

I don't have a lot of skills. One I do have is that I can spot a bad person. I can sit in a room and know who you are. I have a great feel for that. It's a trait that will see me through life.

So here's the deal. Not one person who reads or posts on this worthless thing is bad. I'd be privileged to meet any of you. And thankful.

Merry Christmas my beloved band of malcontents. This is a great journey I am on. I'm glad to share it with all of you.

Here's the good part. NO VIDEOS!!!! (I'll post them later. Getting on the youtube now, so keep your seatbelts fastened)

Safe Journeys,



Pam said...

Hey MRM, merry merry to you too! Please do put up a catch-us-up kind of post soon, am sure we've all been wondering what you've got going on with the new job and all. Sounds like things might be getting even better.

chickory said...

Chip!!! Blog when you can..Im glad you are busy with life; it is how it should be. I wish you the merriest of Christmases and wish you would post some mountain winter wonderland photos sometimes...but no pressure buddy. Happy New Year too! xo

Karl said...

Merry Christmas MRM,

Hope you have a great Holiday and a good seat in that truck you're put all that mileage on.

Princess said...

Merry Christmas Mr Chip!
Great to read that your life is still going places... I do still pop on over for a read when you do get a chance to post...

Maybe Santa's bringing you Dianne Lane this year?

Tanaya said...

Whaddya mean "I have meet any of you yet..."? Hope you had a great Christmas.

wingaling said...

Happy New Year Honey.