Saturday, December 10, 2011

LIfe after football

I started this crappy blog in 2008 I think.  I post mostly drivel.  I try to entertain. Every once in a while post something of substance.  They are few and far between. 

In the course of all of this you have been able to see who I am. A man who doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. I keep my cards close to my vest. I'm pragmatic.  Deliberate. Thoughtful. I'm not a bomb thrower.  I examine situations and solve problems. It's who I am. Insightful. And more than that, humble.


I want heads to roll!! The Cats defensive coordinator just sucks.  I'm sorry I can't be more articulate than that but his scheme is the drizzilins. We have as much talent (or way more) every week than everyone we play.  Three weeks ago against the dark pink and glitter, we were outplayed by their chickenshit "option read" offense. Today we played the exact same offense and had our butts kicked.  Really Jamie Marshall, you couldn't figure it out the second time?  Marshall played for our head coach Rob Ash and loyalties run deep but they shouldn't run passed the point of incompetence. I like Rob Ash and what he has done for the program and I am 100% in his camp but changes need to be made and this is the first step.  The Cats don't play the smash mouth defense like they did under Mike Kramer.  They are vanilla.  The thing that absolutely infuriates me is that they have so much talent.  The kids play their hearts out and I will never criticize them.  They are young men playing a game.  I might yell "you have to make that play!" but at the end of the game, when the clock says 0:00,  I'm screaming about how proud I am of them for representing my beloved school ( was going to say almamatter or almamater or whatever it is but the red squiggly lines kept coming up).

Anyway, the griz from the liberal arts school down the road go to Texas next week.  I'll be cheering Sam Houston on with all my might.  I wouldn't root for the griz if they were playing Iraq.

Here's some videos.

Michael, when he was black.

John Mellencamp "Lonely Ol Night".  I knew him when he was Johnny Cougar. Good times.

And lastly Queen "Somebody to Love"  which I'm starting to think is going to be my anthem.

Stay safe dear followers.

Safe Journeys,



Pam said...

Hey MRM, tell us what you really think!

Tanaya said...

Amen. It is hard work being a Bobcat fan. You always have to remember (unfortunately), "...there's always next."

P.S. I think I convinced your friends at Mixers to become readers of your blog. ;)

Tanaya said...

...always next year...

Sorry, I'm operating machinery after taking cough syrup.