Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some Thanks to you all

I'm up and feeling full of the emotion of the life I have. Not that these videos have any meaning for Thanksgiving, they are just good. I've posted some before but I do like them so enjoy.

The Babys "Isn't it time" I'll listen to this again before I'm done.

CSN "Wasted on the way" Ralph and Delmer. Thanks for the tremendous friendship. I'm not who I am without you.
That was Ambrosia with "How much I feel"

Poco "Crazy Love" Ghoulies, if I could sing one song besides "Lasso you the moon", this would be it.


fishy said...

Blessings on you Madman. You can;t go wrong with a little Crosby, Stills and Nashing.

Milk River Madman said...

If I could only describe the friendship of my guys. you have to see us together to appreciate it. It goes past being friends. There are words to describe it.

wingaling said...


Ralph said...

Thanks for the songs "Vator" You know I especially love the CSN song. I think it is my life's theme song. I am really looking forward to LBOH this coming year. Now the "vator" story would be an interesting one for you to put on here. I dare you to do it. Ha ha. Love you man!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh mah--memory lane.

I mighta mentioned this afore--but when Uncle was a green sprout, he sang on the fly wif' Stills when Stills lived ( fer a short while) in Hog Town Creek (Gainesville) Florida--long long afore CSN came to be.

Hope youse doin' well, post Thanksgivin' an' headin' toward Christmas.