Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a big deal

Tomorrow my beloved Bobcats will take to the field to defeat the grizzlies of that other university in the state of Montana. This is a huge rivalry and like the 12th longest running one of all time. Or something like that. Wikipedia was no help.

The Montana State University Fighting Bobcats are ranked number one in the nation in the Football Championship Series (FCS formally know as division I-AA). The seventh ranked grizzlies come to Bozeman tomorrow to battle for the Big Sky Conference championship.

Tanaya, this is for you.

We will CRUSH them tomorrow. They are a good football team. But we are GREAT. The best quarterback in the Big Sky ( a sophomore ) the third best running back in the FCS. An ass-kicking defense.  At home. In front of 19,000 rabid fans. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a lot but Montana only has a million people. 2% of the population of the state will be at the game. 95% will be watching. The other 5% went to the university of Montana and will be delivering pizzas or standing outside of your local Wal-mart. Hey, facts is facts.

My oldest sister is coming from New Jersey for her first Cat-griz game. She is (and I don't want to jinx the Cats here) undeafeted at Bobcat Stadium. 5-0. She is the Cats' lucky charm. I flew her in special for the game. The weather is shit here. 8 inches of snow last night and I have four more on my doorstep already.

Here's the breakdown for me.

#1 Christmas in Malta with my brother's kids.

#2 The LBOH

#3 The Steamboat Classic Golf tournament in Fort Benton with Skeets

#4 The Cat-griz game.

You all know me by now and I am way amped up. Temperature at kickoff will be 10 above zero and I'll be ready.  TP is here. Brought some great beer. I think he is a 1996 alum.

Our tailgate will be rocking. Great food, plenty of other things. Maybe some divorcee will catch the cut of my jib. Who knows? 

The keys to the game.

The Cats have had a turnover issue of late. seven in the last two games. Both of which they won by double digits, They can't turn it over against the griz. Not four times. If they dont put it on the ground or The Nine doesn't throw a pick, then they win in a walk. However, you can't dismiss a rivalry. And this is a big one. It's the first time in 15 years that the griz are underdogs. The Cats have never been ranked #1. Despite their three national championships. Never been the big dog. A lot on the line.

After watching 22 years of Bobcat football, I'll say this. These young men are very poised. They don't panic. They don't get down on themselves. If for some reason, they find themselves losing tomorrow, they will find a way to win.

So STAND UP AND CHEER (the other schools copied us and yes I know the words)


Pam said...

Go Bobcats! My Cowboys just lost a heartbreaker on a heartbreaking day. Hope your team wins.

Tanaya said...

Yay! You did not disappoint. A cup of joe and your post (plus my long johns) have me ready for the day. Go CATS!