Sunday, November 6, 2011

just some thoughts

Life is good. I wouldn't change where I am with anyone. I have a great family. I have the best friends. And I have you followers.  I said a while ago, I drink to much and sleep to little.  I'm not sad. I just remember when work was so slow I could post daily from my desk. Bwahahahha.

The bad part isn't that I don't post.  The bad part is that I don't read all of your great posts.

I leave for Wisconsin tomorrow for some training and I'm really looking forward to it.
I was looking for the scene from "Stripes" for the Wisconsin comment but all I could find was this.

 Ralph used the "lighten up Francis" line with me today. Only because he's in Nevada and knows I'd crush him like a bug.  Yeah. That's right. You say I'm not blogging and now when you read this I'm throwing you under the bus you little hobbit. What's that? You don't like it? Start your own blog then. Love you Ghoulies. I'll still crush you none the same.

Life is good. And might get better. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading. I do miss this so.
 Here's a little story from this summer you might like. Brother Pat has three kids. Nephew Spencer and his twin sisters Syndey and Sammi. I always buy then Bobcat clothes. Spencer has taken up golf so this year I wanted to by him a set of golf clubs. Long story short, or as short as I can tell it. I buy him his clubs and the girls "poop and pee babies" I posted about sending the kids their presents back in August but didn't tell you the rest. I mailed all the kids' presents seperately. The girls got theirs on Monday. Tuesday, nothing for Spence. Wednesday sister-in-law calls me and says still no present for Spencer. I tell her that my receipt is in Bozeman and I'm in ND and I'll check it out when I get home. Thursday I get ready to head back to Bozeman. My personal phone has a message. I dial in and I get this.

"Uncle Chip. I just want to tell you that you're the best uncle. I love my golf clubs, my golf bag and  all the golf balls you gave me."  Pause..... "this is Spencer" 

Such a great message. right out of habit i deleted it. What a dipshit I am.  How great would it be to be having a bad day and just listen to his little voice tell me that. He is a great boy.

I'll leave you all with that.

By the way. My Montana State Bobcats are ranked #2 in the nation in I-AA (now known as the FCS) they have the university of Montana in two weeks for the outright championship of the Big Sky Conference. The boys are undefeated in conference play. If we crush the dark pink, a national championship wont be far away. 

It's late and I still have to watch some videos.


Pam said...

Great post and yes you should not have deleted that message. My Oklahoma State Cowboys should be #2 in the nation as well!

fishy said...

all the kids to leave you messages.
Do you travel with a laptop? Skype with your loves while you are traveling. it's better than booze.

chickory said...

I had my moms voice for the longest time on my phone but when I was lost forever. I know what you mean by wanting to return to it on a bad day. So glad you are busy and having adventure. You have been missed. just touch base when ya can.

wingaling said...

I knew you were a softie. Hugs to you Uncle Chip. xoxo