Friday, September 2, 2011

Random thoughts #24

Things that crossed my mind while wondering if Ralph will ever admit I let him tie me in the alumni wrestling tournament. ( I could have crushed him, just for the record ).

1) I went to Salt Lake City to watch my beloved Bobcats play the Utes in both teams opening game.  The Cats gave up 17 quick points to the 28th ranked Utes and settled down to only lose 27-10.  This is game one of my "perfect season" with the Bobcats. I have every intention of being at every game.  As a season ticket holder the home games are a given. Every game is 6-7 hours driving distance from Bozeman with the exception of Portland State which I've take an extra day from work to drive to.  If you're a sports fan, keep track of this team. Something tells me this season is going to be special. That's why I'm going to every game.  I could be wrong and if I am, it will still be a great thing to do.

2) Sister-in-law called me today to say that she is bringing my nephew and the twins to the Cat game against Minot State on September 17th. It will be the first game for the kids who I've made Bobcat fans from the day they were born. She went to school here as did her brother so it wasn't a lot of work.  I'm so excited for the kids and to be able to be at the game with them. Life just keeps dealing me great cards and I keep playing them.

3) Remember when gas was $4 a gallon in 2006 and it was front page news? When Barry was elected gas was $1.80.  In 2006 the press was screaming that GWB was doing this to "make his oil buddies rich". There was a huge outcry and slowly, the market brought gas back below $2.  Today, very little is said about the price of gas. Do the enviros think that the oil companies are making any less money than five years ago? Why isn't the press screaming now?  This is just one example to prove the liberal bias in the press. Journalists are parasites. Only living of others.  Whenever someone mentions "journalist ethics" be quick to tell them they don't exist.

4) The new job is a great challenge. There is much to harvest and I plan on making it happen. It's more fun than stepping on baby ducks.

5) I am convinced that if I practiced my golf game at all I would be a 12 handicap.  So what.  Doesn't pay any better than being a 19. Just sayin.

6) There is a rumor going in North Dakota that the Corps of Engineers knew about the flood situation in ND and said nothing until it was too late for anyone to get insurance.  Whether or not you believe that, the funny thing to me is this. You can only buy flood insurance from the government and you have to do it 30 days before it happens. If you do it the day before the water crests, it doesn't count.  Under Obamacare, you can break your leg, buy insurance after the fact and they have to pay for it.  That doesn't seem quite right to me.

7) I saw a map of the universe that Carl Sagan had made.  He has a big arrow right in the middle pointing to Malta. End of discussion.

8) We all know the saying "it's just like riding a bike".  What did people say before that?

9) My mother turns 80 in November.  We kids are renting a house in Phoenix and are going to have a little party for her over New Year's.  If everyone shows up like they say, it will be the first time we will all be together in seven years. I'll be there as will LP, the rest say they will but time will tell. Keep your fingers crossed that they make it.  It will make Mom happy.

10) I lost my annual golf match with Five Wood for only the second time in seven matches. We both started shitty but both settled down after the first five holes and were in a total cage fight.  In the end, I was one up with one to play, got aggressive on the last hole, splashed it in the water. We finished tied but as he was the current holder of the trophy, he was the winner. Congratulations Five, you played great golf. Hat tip to you. Like TP said, it's not a rivalry if the same guy wins every year. Here's to next year and doing it again.

11)  I was never a good blogger. More blather than substance.  Like the path to Hell. I have good intentions. I need an assistant like Van Wilder. The pay is way cheap, but riding with me on my road trips would be a great book in itself.  So any aspiring author out there wants an insight to my life to pen a great expose on my life, just email me and we will negotiate.

12) Ann Coulter still hasn't called me.  Neither has Laura Ingraham.  I'm starting to thing they might not be interested. Like they could do better. Again, just sayin.

13) Being on the road so much has kept my house in more disarray than I care for.

14) I miss all of you malcontents. You are never very far from my thoughts.  I'd make a promise that I'd be here more often but it is a promise I cannot keep. I hope you are all well.

Thanks for reading.

Safe Journeys,



Anonymous said...

I always thought you were joking when you accused the Griz of wearing "dark pink".

chickory said...

you resurfaced. just so you know, Malta is KING.

Tanaya said...

Flood insurance is a total flipping ripoff. Not only do you have to get it from the govt, you can only get so $270,000 max. Private insurance companies used to offer flood coverage, but they couldn't compete with somebody (U.S. Govt) who could operate in the red year over year.

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah, I let Uncle win when we arm wrestle--jes' fer the record. Doan tell nobody though--it'd upset him somethin' fierce.

Hey, did'aja hear? MALTA is Top dawg!