Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't bug me when I'm eating

It’s a tough world.  The challenges of the new job are formidable but I’m still liking it very much.  Having worked for one man for 17 years and having free reign on almost everything I did, it’s a challenge to have, well, rules.  I don’t mind the rules it’s just that there are a lot of them and no real manual.  Still the cooperation I’m getting when I need it is good and helping me to succeed. 

I drive to Williston, ND every other week.  475 miles one way and I only cross one state line. The crew here is in the same boat as I am. They are all new Titan employees as this location only opened in January.  The entire staff is great and they give my all the help I ask for.  There is also a former ABC employee here so that is a tremendous help as well.  All in all, good things.

I’ve been to every Bobcat game so far. They are 2-1 and travel to Cheney, WA this Saturday to play defending I-AA champions (I refuse to use the term “FCS”) Eastern Washington University. 

The season hasn’t been so friendly to the defending champs.  They are 0-3.  We have them in their home opener.  They will be getting their championship rings this Saturday and will certainly be pissed off as a wet cat when kick off comes Saturday night.

The quest for me to go to every game may hit a snag.  I haven’t purchased my airplane ticket for Portland and as the game is in two weeks it may be more than I want to pay.  Also I can’t find anyone to go to Greely, CO with me and it’s about an 11 hour drive.  I guess if I only miss two, my heart was in the right place.  The path to being a band wagon fan is paved with good intentions or something like that.

I wrote a letter to the editor in June that was published.  Some elitist douchebag who has a bi-weekly column chose to turn his effort towards Malta and the buffalo problem they are fighting.  I’m sure you all know how that sat with me.  In a word “not good”.  Anyway the letter mocked him pretty good and included the phrase “silver spoon fed elitist academe”.  Did I mention I’ve know the author for 15 years.  I’ve always thought he was a bit of a smug phony but until you aren’t nice to me, I can let that slide.  Saying in your article that “Malta peaked a hundred years ago” isn’t nice so I let him know it.

Two weeks ago I was having lunch in this little café a couple of miles from work.  The subject of my letter was there as well.  I walked by him as I entered the café. I was wearing a ballcap and sunglasses as I entered.  He was talking to someone outside.  As I passed he looked at me a bit quizzically and said “you look familiar” I responded “I’m sure I do.”

I placed my order and took a seat, John joined his table and I purposely sat with my back to him.  The name of this joint is “The Coffee Pot”.  It’s a nice place.  The food is awesome, the help is friendly and the prices are way too cheap.  They sell pottery there and the tables are very close together.  Intimate would be a great word to describe it.

I took my chair and began to read the local paper going immediately to the opinion page.  I guess my blood pressure was low.  I had finished the paper and my food was served.  I pushed my reading glasses on top of my head and was about to enjoy my lunch when John was standing at my table.



“I have to tell you Chip. I was very disappointed in the letter you wrote.”

“Well John I was disappointed in your article.  That’s why I wrote the letter.”

Did I say that the seating was intimate?

He comes over to my table, in the middle of my lunch and his feathers are ruffled.  His tone isn’t elevated but it’s not quite either.  I reciprocated with my tone.  I won’t bore you with the entire exchange but let’s put it like this.  Don’t come over in the middle of my lunch, try to intimidate me because your skin is as thin as one ply toilet paper and expect to get a “would you care to join me?”

The exchange wasn’t very long but I can tell you that most of the people in the place heard it.  I’m not kidding you. The shitty hotel room I’m in is bigger than eating area of this place. John was still wanting to talk when I pushed my glasses back down to my nose and picked up my paper.  He stood there for a couple of seconds then rejoined his table.

Here’s the deal.  Maybe I didn’t have to bristle back to him but then again he came over with his dander up so he got what was coming to him.  If he had come over and said “Chip, when you’re done with eating can we have a talk outside?” and I would have graciously obliged.  However, I think he thought he was going to scare me and that I would back down or be on my heels.  He thought wrong. 

As Colonel Call said “I don’t like rude behavior in a man. Won’t tolerate it.”

Despite all of this, I won’t make John the subject of anymore of my letters. His fodder is too easy to flush.  That is unless he says something about Malta again.

So now you’re kind of caught up.

Safe journeys,

Chip aka Milk River Madman


Pam said...

Hey MRM, any chance to quote Col. Call is fine by me. A real man would have waited until you were finished and found the opportunity leave at about the same time as you and discuss it there. He wanted to make a scene. Good for you for not giving him one. Well, I guess there was a bit of one but could have gone far worse.

Good news on the job, sounds like things are going well. Oh, and go team!

The Prodigy said...

When is Greely? Last time I checked Sheridan was between here and there? I have plane voucher about to expire if you can fly United.

Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

Yep, he was hoping you were a paper lion.

Going from an independent business to a big corporation has to be a challenge. I'm surprised they don't have a manual, usually it's one of tools they use to fry you if they decide you're not right for them. Good to hear it seems to be working out for you.