Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the COTU

Just sitting at Delmer's having a glass of Mist and watching the tube.  Played 27 today with Delm. Was late for dinner at Mom's because she forgot to tell me so she was not upset.  Had a great visit with my mom.  We sat and talked for almost two hours and the conversation was excellent (no politics, she's a democrat so I'm kind of a disappointment in that regard). She is doing fine and looks good for going on 80 this November.

I had two of my brother's kids with me for 18 holes and they were a treat.  Told them you can't talk when Delm and I are standing over our golf balls and they followed that to the letter.  They were a little upset that I wasn't staying at their house tonight (staying with Delmer) but told them I'll be there tomorrow.  I've already convinced them they are Bobcat fans.  It wasn't that hard as their mother and her brother both are, but tomorrow they become Cincinnati Reds fans as well.  Have to get them while they are young.

I love Malta.  It's the greatest place on Earth and last night Delmer and I visited the town and had a great time.  It's funny how I only come home four or five times a year, but every bartender knows what I drink.  Imagine that.

Spending tomorrow with mom and then teaching the kids about baseball.  It will be great day.  I'll get my camera out for the trip to Williston on Monday.  To appease the masses.


Anonymous said...

they know what you drink because they read your blog.
signed that guy from work

Anonymous said...

they know what you drink because they read your blog.
signed that guy from work

Buzz Kill said...

Definitely enjoy your time with mom. And not just on the holidays.

Happy Belated Easter.

Ralph said...

I wished I could have been there with you guys, running the trap line. (Its a Malta thing)

moi said...

The couple days I forget to check in and you post three times. Glad you're back. I'm chuckling over the fact that your mom's a democrat. How'd that happen?

Milk River Madman said...

Just get a name. I know it's you.

I had a wonderful time with my mother. We had three great visits. One each day.

Ask Delmer what kind of wing man I am.

I'm a bit of a disappointment in that arena.

Unknown said...

Your brother IS NOT a Cat fan. I took him to Wa-Griz when I lived with Cory Poulton for Griz-Cat in '99. He was singing "Up With Montana Boys!" all day. No joke. I know the facts.

Milk River Madman said...

I will make him a Cat fan. He will have two choices. I can keep buying the kids Cat gear, or by them lots of toys. LOTS OF TOYS. Their grandparents but them plenty and he hates it. Did get to see Cory this weekend as he was at Pat's. He looks good and is doing well. Three kids and lives in Cut Bank.