Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some reading while I recover

Here are a few links I thought you would enjoy while I get caught up on my sleep and work.  Made a mad dash to St. Louis to watch the Rams put a little beat down on the Chargers.  Left Saturday at 5:30 AM and landed in St. Louis at 3 PM.  Beers, Crowns, sleep, breakfast, beers, then victory beers, dinner, sleep then leaving the hotel to catch a plane at 6 AM yesterday.  Good times though.    Rams won 20-17.  Sam Bradford looked pretty darn good.  Steven Jackson was THE MAN at the end of the game and the D put whiny ass punk Phillip Rivers on his back 7 times.

There is a lot of talk about the "head to head" hits in the NFL as well there should be.  Here's my take.  Instead of just a flag, make it a flag and game ejection followed by a minimum two day suspension.  This won't stop until someone is seriously injured.  A college kid was paralyzed this weekend.  And at the game I attended this, didn't even get a flag.  Are you kidding me?

Anyway, here are a few articles I thought you might all enjoy. 

First a couple from American Thinker

"Dowd has sacrificed her own womanhood on the devil's altar of the right of mothers to murder their own offspring and now stares horrified as traditional women, who dare to love their femininity and the children who go with it, have charged at the leftist feminist fortress with superlative success"  Read entire article here.

"Conversely, the American left's position on public education is based on denial of the problems. It makes no difference that the late Ted Kennedy, a liberal icon, wrote the bill. Attacking No Child Left Behind is a campaign applause line for liberal politicians. They don't like it because the teachers' unions hate it." Read entire article here.

"Politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, treat blacks like children. When a Republican addresses a black audience, you can make book on how long it takes before he refers to Martin Luther King Jr. Either he marched with King or his father did, or the next-door neighbor of his barber's nephew used to mow the Rev. King's father's lawn." Read the rest of this gem by Larry Elder

"In Congressman McGovern’s case, however, we see why liberals believe in a “living Constitution.” The living Constitution idea was characterized by Justice Scalia as a Magic Slate. You can write on it, get the interpretation you want, then lift up the plastic screen, and re-write your constitution, according to the passions of the moment." Ken Blackwell  on how liberals think.

"The absorption of millions of immigrants from Europe into American society may be cited as an example of the success of multiculturalism. But, in fact, they were absorbed in ways that were the direct opposite of what the multicultural cult is recommending today." The incomparable Thomas Sowell.

Not to finish on a down note, but lets look at what President Casual is saying about an  Islamic superhero."With all due respect to President Obama and contrary to his opinion, the Muslim faith is known for its lies about Christians and Jews, lies about the Bible, lies about Jesus and His apostles, violence, warrior mentality, abuse of women, slavery, persecution of non-Muslims, and terrorism against peaceful civilians, from the alleged founder of the faith, Mohammed, down to the present day," Baehr's analysis said.

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