Thursday, October 14, 2010

The slippery slope of the stimulus

The liberals insisted on borrowing a trillion dollars to "stimulate" the economy. They used 1/2 the money they borrowed. Most of it kept government and union jobs safe. The other 1/2 has yet to be spent. Now our  Chairman Mao Barry wants to borrow ANOTHER 50 billion for infrastructure repair. What's the matter with taking it out of the money you haven't spent?  What happened to those "shovel ready jobs"?  Honestly, have we ever had a less capable leader?

A trillion is a lot. It's 12 zeros.  We have 300 million people in the US. According to the latest figures on Wiki, 73% of Americans make less than $70K annually.  If we had given each person below $75K the stimulus money and told them they could spend it without paying it back, it would have stimulated the economy big time.  That's $4,500.00  for every man, woman and child.  A family of four would have received $18,000.00. We would have received a far better return on our money than saving the job of some teacher. 

Leading economist say at the present rate, unemployment will not fall below 7% for at least another 5 years.  Funny, closet Muslim B Hussein said it wouldn't go over 8% if we borrowed the money.  Funny how this isn't in the news.  Not one liberal talking head, from Olberman to the Obama felating Chris Matthews, has brought this up.  They think everything is wine and roses.

This isn't too say moderate republicans didn't have a hand in this.  From helping Bill Clinton put us in the current mortgage crisis to going along with the stimulus. I'm talking about you John McCain. And you Olympia Snowe. And you Chuck Grassley.  All of you would rather see your name in the paper than do what is right for the nation.

In all of this talk about the stimulus and the debt not one person on the left, NOT ONE, is talking about ways the government can cut spending.  We are all expected to, but not Washington.  Liberals want the US to fail.  Plain and simple.  They hate success and prosperity. 

Well, we can all hope for the best.  Styx has our theme song covered so we have that going for us.  Which is good.

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