Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Chef in DC, the beggining.

Well it's season 7 of Top Chef.  This year's show is set against the backdrop of our nation's capitol Washington, DC.  Hmmmm. I'm firing up the DVR and already wondering what congressman is going to be on the show first.  I guarandamntee it will be a democrat. 

Well, that didn't take long, Nancy Pelosi is in the opening scenes.  I couldn't really hear her say anything so I didn't throw up.  It's the little things that make me happy.  Contestants are introducing themselves with their stories of where they are from and how they became chef's.  I'm rooting against Tiffany solely because she like's the former coke addict Obama.  I don't like the dude with the really long hair.  Have to figure out who is gay, who is the caterer, who is the self taught chef blah, blah, blah.

Padma and Mini Me Tom are here for the quick fire challenge.  Peeiling potatoes, breaking down chickens.  Pandamonium already.  Its a good thing it's not "Top Knife" cause Kenny is FAST with a knife.  He wins every slicing portion but Angelo wins the quickfire and 20 large.

So now everyone are is are DAMMIT!....... They put everyone one teams and I'm waiting for someone to have a really big screw up.  Always happens the first 5 or 6 episodes with this many people. Again that didn't take long.  Long hair guy evidently can't read and set his oven temps wrong and burned his nuts.  Macadamia's that is. Badabump.

Food is being served.  Padma, Tom, Eric, Gail and the twins are on sight now to taste the food.  Everything gets sampled and Padma says her weekly "Let's go to the judges table" and they all walk out.  Looking forward to hearing Tom tell people "Yo Dog, that soup was too pitchy. Know what I'm a sayin?"

Angelo wins the elimination challenge.  At this point I'm thinking the lady who screwed up her chicken liver and long hair with his maple syrup ice cream dish are on the chopping block.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its long hair.  Dude got kind of emotional.  Here's a hint for the kids out there.  Don't make a dessert unless you are a dessert specialist and that's all you do.  Dessert's are the mongooses to the chef's snakes.  Just sayin.

Next week looks good.  Cussing, crying, finger pointing and that's just Tom in the bathroom.

Once they get rid of 4 or 5 more contestants I'll know who I really don't like. Always looking on the bright side. The show will get better.  The posts, meh, not so much.

I like the early start time.  I'm more sober and can read my own writing.  You can't believe how nice that is.

Sayonora Sucker!!


Buzz Kill said...

I saw a lot of promise in the elimination challenge this week. But it's real obvious that Bravo wants a black TC to win in Washington. Sucks for Angelo because I see him in the top 4. I do want to watch this again though. I like Kenny in the top 4 too.

That mess of a hairdo would have gotten on my nerves quick, fast and in a hurry, so I'm glad John got canned first. I could just see someone complaining about a hair in their soup and pulling out this 3 foot rope. Bwahahaha

And I didn't think it possible but Padma's cans look bigger than Gail's. Breast feeding must agree with her.

Milk River Madman said...

Buzz, I agree with you on the black thing. More AA contestants this year than the last two combined I think. We will know the fix is in as soon as Angelo gets hammered for something like not having enough salt. As far as Padma, yes, have some.

Jenny said...

that hair is a potential hazard in the kitchen, I would have booted him just for that instead of his non maple dessert. Do you visit Karmic Kitchen? You should.

I wasn't thrilled by the first show, but I'll keep tivo'ing it. Have a good weekend.

fishy said...

The selection of contestants seems a bit suspicious this time. My wish? The anticipated appearance of the Dems will be to boil 'em in oil! It will be interesting to see if I actually care this season who goes or stays. I certainly do agree with the first elimination.

Have you seen the episodes of the Next FoodNetwork Star? Some very strange choices there as well. As in crazy people. What were they thinking?