Friday, June 25, 2010

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Took a road trip to Jackson Hole, WY last Saturday.  Drove through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.  Took some photos along the way.  I was driving when I took some of them but there are a couple of good ones.

Got to Jackson and walked the streets for an hour.  Battery on my camera was dead and I didn't want to carry my camera with me.  A little gary without the r for me.  The sidewalks are wooden.  Sat down at the Silver Dollar Bar and had a couple of drinks.  Met a nice couple from Iowa who had rode their Harley out.  Dory and Keith, here's to you.  Great time and hope you made it home safely.

Talking to Dory and Keith made me realize how lucky I am.  They had to plan for this trip weeks in advance.  I was bullshitting with a friend of mine about how I had never been to Jackson.  He knew a good place to eat so I got up Saturday and went.  No big deal.  Could do it again tomorrow if I wanted.  That's lucky.

Instead I am going to Malta. You probably know it as the Center of the Univers (COTU).  Going to see my ma and brother and take in a wedding.  It's a short weekend but home is still home.

Have a great weekend.

Looks like a nice day for a drive doesn't it?

Not the earliest start but at least it's on the right station.

Here's one of my favorite pics.  Sign says "Bald Eagle Mgmt area. NO stopping, standing or walking NEXT 1/4 MILE" I can read.

These people cant read.  This is right past the sign that says no stopping, standing etc.  There was a bald eagle in it's nest.  I would have taken a picture but like I said, I can read.  These people who can't are the same sonsabitches that don't want me to ride my snowmobile in the park.

This picture is for Kym.  I zoomed a little to much so its kind of fuzzy but this dude is fly fishing in the Madison and I thought you'd enjoy it.

In the very back of this picture you can see the Tetons which is where I'm headed.

Lewis Falls.

Lewis Lake with the Tetons in the backgroud.

The Grand Teton Mountains.

More of the Tetons.

Anyway, if you ever get a chance take in Jackson Hole.  Let me know you're coming and I'll have Riley at the Silver Dollar set us up a round.  If you come to JH, bring your spare liver and a great appetite.  Oh, yeah and bring your Visa.  And your 401k.  Shit is expensive there.


moi said...

Sniff. I miss Montana.

Jenny said...

I had some amazing car trips/camping trips across Montana and Wyoming as a kid. It's more than just big sky country. It's big beauty. Have a great weekend. Glad to see the sun has found you.

Milk River Madman said...

You both just need to plan your next roadtrip for here. Plain and simple. Whether you want to go skiing or whitewater rafting, I'll help you get hooked up. I can leave my house at 8 AM, see every mile of Yellowstone and be back for happy hour. And yes, that is experience talking.

Tanaya said...

Did you sit in the saddle while you enjoyed your drinks?

BTW - that eagle managment are never ceases to amaze me. I think people leave their common sense at the gate along with the twenty bucks admission fee. I guess there is a reason we call them "Tourons".

Pam said...

Definitely a place on my to-visit-one-day list. A work friend just got back from a vacation to your area of the world (well, Montana anyway). She is ready to move.

Uncle Scooty said...

I think I can see another car in the photo - must be rush hour.

Dory said...

Hey Chip!!! I finally found a moment to check out your blog! Thanks for your nice comments about us! We enjoyed hanging out with you! It is so nice to meet good people when you are traveling. We now want to move out to the area! Only 5 more years til the kid graduates!! Maybe then??!!! I'll check in on ya now and then via this spot! Take Care!