Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MCW, Most undeserving Oscar - Unforgiven

 So as we all know, the wonderful creator of this meme Our great friend Boxer has let me run this for the month of June.  Most of us know all of the heartache she is dealing with.  Boxer I'm sure you know that your blogging family is keeping you dear to their hearts.  When I emailed you with some suggestions I had no idea that you would want me to take this over for you like you asked last week.  I will gladly accept and am very humbled that you think for two minutes I can do as good a job on this as you. Thank you.

If I had known that this wasn't going to be my last week, I would have norrowed the scope and picked a specific category.  You know, most undersving best actor, actress, etc, but this week was wide open.   But now it is what it is, I get specific on the next "most undererving Oscar for ......"
I suggested this with one movie in mind.  I'm a grudge holding MoFo.  I waited for this movie with much anticipation. When it came out, I left the theatre ( The Ellen in Bozeman) very disappointed in the product. Not only did the acting suck, the story line was very weak.  And the ending. Are you fucking kidding me? Clint shoots everyone, drunk off his ass, and makes it out alive?  No way! Not then and not in Hilger for Christsake.   Outside of Star Wars: Episode I,The Thirst For More Money have I ever been more disappointed.  William Munny would have been cut down in the bar and never seen his kids again.  And the entire story leading up to that was bullshit. Any stranger in small town Wyoming in the 19th century, with a bounty on his head, would have been strung up or ran out of town with there "tails" (frontward hanging ones) between their legs.  Totally shit from Clint who I really like.  Here's the movies it won over The Crying Game (never saw it) A Few Good Men (Way better) Howard's End (Never saw it) Scent of a Woman (Saw it and it was better).

Now I don't  care if I didn't see two  of the movies. The fact is that I watched two of them and they were both waaaaaaaaaaaay better than this piece of dung.

Here's whats wrong with Hollywood.  Everyone thought that Clint was old and would die so this was a pity Oscar.  Hell,  Clint directed The Outlaw Josey Wales and it was 10 times the movie this waste of my life was.

Now that I'm in charge of MCW I'm asking for suggestions.  Send everything you have to me and I'll make a catelog and start choosing themes.  I'll give credit to the suggestions but let's keep this going for Boxer.

I'd rather watch my finger get sewn up again the movie of me losing my Championship match at the Malta Invite to cheating douchebag from Poplar I mean Dwayne Johnston than sit through this again.

OK, so there  are two people "acting" in this scene and one of em isn't Clint.  The best movie of 1992?  I should have submitted some footage from LBOH3. 

Happy MCW.  I'm going to have a drink and go to bed.  God be with you Boxer.  And thank you for letting me do this.  You're the best.

PS.  Upon reading Buzz's comments I realized that I posted my theme for next week.  Pulled the wrong draft. I'm an idiot.  Just sayin.

To avoid confusing everyone, especially me, next week's theme is best/favorite actress of the 1970's.  I've deleted my draft for this week that would have been next week if I didn't just change it.  Make sense to everyone?  Yes, I thought so.


Joanna Cake said...

It was a great film in a repertoire of great films. Clint is one of those seriously under rated movie stars because he is so under stated.

I'm up!

Buzz Kill said...

I somehow mis-understood the theme for this week. I thought it was "Movies That Should Have Won Best Picture". And as you stated, The Outlaw Josie Wales was 10 times better then Unforgiven and I agree. Although I did like the final scene in the bar from Unforgiven.

Anyway, I'm up at the Buzzkill with - wait for it - The Outlaw Josie Wales. I'll be around tonight or tomorrow night to see everyone's entries (I think I have to go to dinner with the Mrs tonight.

Happy MCW!

Milk River Madman said...

JC, I was just severly disappointed in this film. I didn't like the story and Hackman carried this movie almost singlehandedly. I really like Clint but thought this was a pity Oscar.

Buzz, you're right. I was going to use this for next week. Pulled the wrong one from my drafts, wrote my intro and posted it. I'll come up with something totally different and less confusing next week.

fishy said...

A Few Good Men was the better movie.
Howard's End was depressing, Scent of A Woman could have been good except it disparaged women instead of the man. Unforgiven was ugly.

Kudos! Milkman for taking this on for Boxer and this blog group.

Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

I misunderstood also. I thought it was should have won.

I'm up with The Sands of Iwo Jima.

Milk River Madman said...

AFGM was way better.

I screwed up. Everyone else did just fine.

Jenny said...

Hey - Thanks for keeping the torch alive on something very near and dear to me.

I think ALL Oscars are undeserving. Bwhahahahaha. :-)

5Wood said...

I went a little different angle on this. 1997 was a good year for movies... You had Titanic which won almost every award, The Full Monty, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck stumble onto the scene with "Good Will Hunting". So Nicholson wins for "As Good as It Gets" along with Helen Hunt. But where I have my gripe is for Supporting Actor that year. Robin Williams wins in yet another charity win for his role in "Good Will Hunting". Which I admit was a great performance for him personally. But in one of my personal favorites that was produced that year Bert Reynolds Role as adult film producer Jack Horner was an epic performance for the man who gave us The Smokey and the Bandit series. He completely got jobbed on what will be his one and only nomination.

Heff said...

A lotta Eastwood goin' around this week, lol.

Joanna Cake said...

Im confused... Just what was the theme? Thank goodness it's a little clearer for next week :)

matt s said...

One of the reasons I love you is that when you are wrong, you are really wrong. There is no half way. I'm sorry, but have you even tried to watch the "English Patient". I agree that Unforgiven was disappointing but at least Clint was in it. Going to see the English Patient, was paying to watch the NASA Channel.

And what about the Thin Red Line. By far the worst war movie ever made.