Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random thoughts on healthcare

I'm not going to call this a live blog, but I am listening to the dog and pony show that is the "hearing" on healthcare reform. I'm taking notes so I can blog later.  Gotta feeling it's gonna be a long one.

Nancy Pelosi just came on so I had to mute the feed.  Her painted on face and grating voice are more than I can take.  Her husband had to marry her for the money.  How else could you wake up next to that every day unless you hate yourself. Yeesh.

Here's one of the many questions I have for any liberal who may stumble across this and can give me an answer.  How much money does Harry Reid stand to make on this bill?  I'm one hundred percent serious.  How much will he get?  Think about it this way.  Harry Reid is going to be defeated in November. The latest Rasmussen poll has him trailing four, yes four, Republican challengers. He is the Senate Majority leader.  That puts him in the top ten most powerful people in DC. Yet healthcare is going to cost him his job.  Sure, he gets to keep his retirement and all the other perks that these fucks get that the rest of us will never have, but he is going to lose his Senate seat over this.  He's not giving this seat up for the "good of the people".  He stands to pocket big money somewhere, otherwise he would scrap this.  I was going to type "be a man" but he's a liberal male politician so that would have been contradictory.

American's, including me, want health care reform.  We just don't want this bill.  It's simple.  There are many steps that can be taken first before we give the government control of our health care.

Anyone who thinks that this bill will reduce government spending and the deficit is to stupid to live.  Do us all a favor, walk into your bathroom, draw a tub full of water and hop in with your (insert favorite electric device here) and go meet your ancestors.

Ol Barry is speaking now.  How is it that people get weak kneed when this guy is talking?  All I ever hear is a pompous windbag who couldn't beat me in a game of Trivial Pursuit if he got to read the back of the cards first.

Lamar Alexander says the CBO claims that this plan will increase cost.  Barry says the CBO claims that this plan will decrease cost.  Hmmmmm.  That's a big difference.  Same report and opposite conclusions.  I know who I believe.

Tom Coburn of the great state of Oklahoma is up next.  You lucky Okies (Pam and Kym).  You get Coburn.  We have stuttering Max and the 300 pound crewcut.  I can't believe my fellow Montanans are so stupid to vote for these guys.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, to many out of staters have moved here.

Coburn saying we need to control the cost.  Cost is something that never crosses liberals minds.  Why should it?  It's not their money.

Much, much more after the jump.

Barry addressing everyone by their first name.  Pretty informal but then this guy is so lazy and disrespectful of the office he holds that he seldom wears a tie.  Or pants.  Yes, I know I'm calling him Barry.  I don't respect him.  Just like he doesn't respect me.

Every time anyone brings up the "European" system, I'm quick to remind them that Europe has an average nominal tax rate of 50%.  Think about that you liberals who might be reading this.  If you think for two minutes that your taxes won't go up, no matter how much you make, see paragraph five.

An open transparent market, like Dems claim this bill has, does not include a government option. Nor should it.  That makes the market anything but open.

Stuttering Max is going to try to make a sentence. Three words.  Pause.  Six words.  Drinks from a sippy cup. It is nice to see him sober for this hearing.  Waita represent Max!!  Baucus (referring to small businesses being able to pool their buying power) "I would guess they would like to be able to do that".  No shit Max!  Not that a silverspoon like you would know a fucking thing about running a small business.  However, this plan has no chance of succeeding if the government is in direct competition with private  enterprise.  None. So then what happens Max?  Everyone's taxes go up and our standard of living goes down.

Barry cuts off a guy who is going through the Senate bill and pointing out that this plan will NOT lower the deficit and pointing out everything that Barry and the libs say will not happen.  He is citing pages and sections so its a good move by Obama to shut up the debate.  That's a great example of the openess that liberals are well known for.

Mitch McConnell just notes that Dems have spoke for 54 minutes and Republicans 24 minutes.  Just as anyone with a brain could have predicted.  Its hard to make a point when the leader of the free world cuts you off any time you are pointing out the faults with his legislation.

Chuck Schumer is talking now.  I would love, LOVE, to have one free swing at this putz.  Actually, I don't need a free swing.  Like most libs, he's such a pussy that if I just pretended to take a swing at him, he'd piss himself.  I thought New Yorkers were tough?  He's not the guy you want to prove that point.

Some Representative from SC basically saying that healthcare should pay for everything all the time.  Surprise!!!  He's a democrat. 

Obama "everybody knows that everybody is mad at Washington right now".  Wow! The power of observation this man has is mind boggling.  I wonder if he knows who we are the maddest at?  Hint, hint.  Grab a mirror.

McCain just buries Obama.  Too bad that he didn't go after him that way in the presidential election. Of course, McCain is up for re-election so he has to pretending to be a conservative this year.  I hope he gets defeated.  McCain I mean.  Obama is out in three years.  He has to do as much damage as he can between now and then and this bill is a great attempt at making sure the United States becomes a first-rate, second-rate nation.

Obama sounding like Baucus all of a sudden.  Some guy has Barry on his heals about the mandated coverage.  Joe Biden speaks up in defense of the coverage.  Obama didn't sedate him enough.  Not a good move.

Rep Louise Slaughter is talking now. She is a lib from New York's 28th district.  Blah, blah, blahing.  She is a prime example of why we need term limits.  Been in Congress since 1986.  You could use her face to make gorilla cookies.  She should be back Rochester.  While we're on Mizz Slaughter, lets look at her district here.  No gerrymandering going on in New York to keep this old bat in office. No sireebob.

Everyone took a break for a House vote and some lunch.

Yahoo! didn't pick up the feed again and when I went to lunch I was able to listen to a little more on XM. 

Basically it comes down to this.  Republicans are pointing out how much this is going to cost and that it doesn't really solve any of the problems, just gives the Dems control.  Dems don't give a flying fuck about what happens to anyone, they just want control and don't care what it costs.  So, for all the grandstanding today, Obama came off to me as very under-informed and not at all willing to want to compromise.  He did pretend to give some concessions but they were nothing more than lip service.  Prepare for reconciliation.

A couple of sidenotes.  First, as I was returning from lunch, I was listening to Sen. Thune be interviewed by Shep Smith.  I gotta be honest with you, Shep Smith needs the piss beat out of him.  What a weasel.  He'd better be thankful that Thune wasn't in the room with him.

Second sidenote.  Has anyone noticed how the press is using the term "reconciliation" in talking about ramming this through?  When GWB wanted an up or down vote, he as "going with the nuclear option" and that was to have a very highly and distinguished judge confirmed, not control 1/6 of the economy.  Funny how the press plays with words like that.

Lastly, Ol Barry was very adamant in saying that the prescription drug bill passed by Bush "didn't happen on my watch".  Great.  Bully for you my former cocaine abusing president.  But the fact is this, congress passed that bill and we can't pay for it, so how are we supposed to pay for this?  Waiting.


Pam said...

Bills/resolutions going through the Oklahoma legislature this year that will allow Oklahoma to opt out of Obamacare. Great debate yesterday about it. Am sure our D-Gov would veto. Gonna be interesting though. Plenty of Okies hate both our Senators (Inhofe/original global warming sceptic being the other); but I believe there is a need for the conservative voice in Congress and these two are very vocal. Coburn is an actual medical doctor and really, he should have a clue what is involved with the bill. I turn off the news myself and just learn things through osmosis.

boneman said...

well, can't say that it will correct the wrongs or even catch us up to the rest of the world in easy time.
But, if it prevents, or at least slows down 40000+ deaths from no health care, that's a good thing.
If it lowers health care costs so that others can get it, that is a good thing.
If it doesn't pass, then Health and Human Resources will be in serious trouble in the next ten years.
Unless we take or Social Security AND the Department of Defense to bail them out.

Anonymous said...

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Milk River Madman said...

People in OK don't like these guys? Thats nuts. Coburn was good yesterday and Inhofe's day in the spotlight will come if Barry is dumb enough to force cap and trade through.

No health care is causing people to die? I didn't know that. People make life choices and before I buy into any of the libs theories or stats like the one you mentioned I want to see the life choices the 40,000 made. Health reform is needed and no one disputes that but this bill will destroy us.

No shoes for sale here.

Pam said...

I'm just saying there are some here that don't like him. I think most people do (or he wouldn't have been elected). I think he's great; a man of principle who is standing on those principles right now.

Re Boneman's comment: I agree with you; what have been their personal choices? And I still think technology has outpaced our ability to pay for it (healthcare wise) ...