Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I thought he wanted the job

Of all the qualities our current president lacks (leadership, experience, the ability to balance a checkbook) I think that his temperament is his most glaring weakness.  This is what happens when narcissists who grow up without a father become leaders of our great nation (see Clinton, Bill).  As grown men, we are supposed to have thick skin.  We are supposed to be able to take criticism if it is warranted.  This isn't to say we cannot defend ourselves when criticized, but when we are, our defense should be laid out in a thoughtful manner, not constantly pointing the finger at someone else.

Barry ran for the position of president.  He was not selected by a lottery.  He knew what he was getting into and for him to constantly be blaming President Bush is childlike.  Very childlike.  President Bush didn't change lending restrictions so that banks were forced to lend money to unqualified people or be labeled "racist" and denied funds.  The wheels of the lending crisis were in full motion well before he took office.  In 2006, when the mortgage crisis was first being brought into the spotlight, it was democratic leadership (Frank, Rangle, Dodd and Pelosi) who said we had nothing to worry about.  Were banks being greedy?  Absolutely!  Did anyone have to take the money? No.  People are responsible for their own decisions but socialists democrats want to blame anyone but themselves. 

Barry is in over his head.  A six-foot man in ten feet of water, he acts as though being president of these United States is an inconvenience to his four year golf vacation at tax payer expense.  His weakest quality is temperament (edging out integrity, honest, and maturity).  I will give him a compliment though.  He sure fooled a lot of people. Or maybe the people who voted for him are more accurately described by Rahm Emanuel.  You decide.


h said...

ONE person did face the wrath-of-the-media and pointed out these things about Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.

Unfortunately, it was Hitlery Hippo-Hips Clinton and not the Rino John McCain.

Pam said...

Am intrigued with the narcissist comment. I may have to study over that a bit. Never thought about the similarities between the two men, growing up without fathers. It must produce some personality trait. Would love to see this analyzed more.

Milk River Madman said...

She did but she was forgiven. They are a forgiving people those liberals.

Its something that strikes me as odd although Clinton is looking like a very thick skinned, water off his back kind of guy compared to Obama