Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I hate it when I plan doesnt come together.

So last night I had a great idea where I would post Johnny Quest episodes here at the blog.  Then, as if by some weird sign from above, my brother Bill sent me this link where Race Bannon was named badass of the week.  It was destiny that I post some JQ here.  Well, I can't seem to be able to upload or copy any videos because evidently this guy whose sight I found is kind of protective of his stuff. God bless him.  Anyway, if you want to watch some Quest click here.  This dude has every flipping one of them!!!!  ITS AWESOME!!
I always thought that Johnny Quest had the best opening theme ever.  Bar none! Yeah I know, I've said it before. So what?  I've said lots of things before.  I tend to repeat myself, to be redundant, to say things over and over. Anyways, its cool music.  Love the horn solo at the 1:06 mark.  I'll do a whole post on why this was the greatest cartoon ever but suffice it to say that people die in the opening credits.  If I can find a place that will let me post some videos, there will be plenty of death and carnage.  Cool.

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