Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random thoughts #17

Things that crossed my mind while wondering what to cook BG for Valentines Day.  Here's the deal.  BG was going to go to DC to she her good friend Sixx and help plan Sixx's pending nuptials.  Bridal shower, white wine, cucumber sandwiches, the whole enchilada.  I had made no plans for V-Day. None.  I mean, I had all next week to find a place for dinner, buy flowers cheaper than they are now, everything.  Then Snowpocaplypse or whatever the wussies in DC are calling this snow storm, happened and flights were cancelled and now BG will be here this weekend.  I told her I was not prepared.  I know its Thursday and I have a couple of days, but I don't have a lot of ambition.  I spent the weekend with The Prodigy and Jimmy playing cards and drinking Crown Reserve (thanks Jim) and getting one year older so I'm not in the mood.

I do have an idea of what I will cook and it will be good (I'm pretty sure).  I'm not going to tip my hand as she is an occasional reader, but she is low maintenance so I am sure she'll be happy. But enough of my dilemma of the pending weekend holiday that was invented by Hallmark and FTD. On with the randomness.

Michelle Obama, beloved queen of our country, has made it her mission to fight childhood obesity.  She has demanded and received from her henpecked husband, 10 billion dollars (that we don't have) to help her in this quest to have children eat right. Now, having no children of my own makes it difficult for me to give advice on raising children.  However, it does occur to me that a child's eating habits might be the responsibility of, uh, lets say their parents.  Am I wrong to point a finger at parents who are letting their own children become unhealthy at such an early age? The answer to that question is no.  Here's a novel idea, lets take the 10 billion dollars and use it to feed kids who aren't getting enough to eat. Just sayin.

Barry wants to tell me who my doctor will be and now Queen Michelle wants to tell me what to eat.  How can Barry look anyone in the eye and say he is not a fascist?

The more I look at MSU's recruiting class for football, the more impressed I am.  However, if Coach Ash doesn't get these guys to the playoffs this year, he will feel the heat. Like being on the sun.  So will AD Fields.  It's going to be a lot of fun come September.

Joe Biden said last night on Larry King that Iraq will be one of the great achievements of this administration.  Doesnt he mean of Bush's administration.  How do people this stupid get into office?  There is not one, NOT ONE, democrat U.S. Senator that I would be afraid to debate on live national television.  Give me the subject and three weeks to prepare and I will absolutely bury any of them.  Oh yeah, throw in Obama as well.  I will have him so pissed off in the first five minutes that he will call me a motherfucker and have me thrown in jail indefinitely.  I have more knowledge, experience and charisma than 100 Obama's and I don't have much of any of those.

NASCAR starts this week.  If Jimmy wins again, I am going to boycott 2012.

More after the jump.

The Winter Olympics start this weekend and I just can't get excited about them.  Too many judging competitions.  I mean, the ski jump has a judging portion and its stupid.  You don't get judged on form in track and field.  If you ski jumped the farthest, you should win. It doesn't get any gayer than that.

If no snow is global warming and too much snow is global warming then how much snow is just right?  How do global warming believers make it today's world?  Their logic is non-existent.  How do they have real jobs?

Evertime I see a Subaru with an Obama sticker on it, I want to ram it into the ditch.  I might have issues.

I recently became a year older.  I received over 15 e-mails from my dear friends telling me that in my honor, a donation had been made to the Human Fund.  Somewhere, George Costanza laughs.

Just to save everyone the time, I'm fortyfuckingseven.  Half way to death!!

Speaking of my brother, in the picture of my 5th and 6th grade class, my brother is directly above me.  He is wearing and identical sweater to me.  Cheff Troll asked if it was my twin sister. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is so funny.  I must have read that comment fifty times and each time it makes me smile.  From now on I'll refer to him as Billie. I'm still laughing.  Twin sister.  That is pure gold baby!

Griz fans are always bragging about how many Montana kids they have on their roster.  Well, we have 11 more than them as of this post and recruited 8 Montana boys to their three.  Now griz fans are saying that they didn't want these kids, it was an off year for Montana talent and they don't care where the kids come from as long as they win. blah blah blah.  Like I needed another reason to hate their loser fans.

I would have bet a lot of money a few years ago that the Lions would win a superbowl before the Saints.  I loved the way the Saints pounded Favre. Loved it!!  Whenever Favre was the lead blocker on an end-around in his Green Bay days, announcers would almost choke on their tongues singing his praise.  When he was laid out on the one end around against the Saints they were calling it a cheap shot.  Give me a break.  No one was coming to Kurt Warners defense the week before when he was de-cleated.

 Where are the titles to my four-wheelers?  Dammit that is pissing me off!!


Pam said...

Happy birthday you madman you! 47 calls for extra Crown on the rocks. I have to tell you about a bumper sticker I actually saw on a car this week. It said "Jimmy Carter for President". And no, it wasn't on an old clunker from the 70's, but a new Subaru suv. If I'd had my camera handy, I'd have taken a pic. And get BG something simple but personal ... we girls like something thoughtful. Again, happy birthday, hope you celebrated big time.

Anonymous said...

Well Jimmy put his regular car in the wall so hopefully he will start out slow again this year. That way we can actually watch until the summer and then camp without feeling we are missing anything...then comes football season!

speaking of boycott, am boycotting the opening ceremonies tonite as 2 performers (KD Lang and Sarah Mc) have made it pretty well known where they stand on farmers, ranchers and the entire ag industry.

Kim C

Uncle Scooty said...

One good thing about the Cash for Clunkers program was that it took 200,000 Obama bumper stickers off the road!

Regarding Brett Favre, since he played for my home team, I could not root against him this year. Both he and Warner put up some gutty performances this year.