Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie clip Wednesday - musicals

So, I didn't know the people who've adopted me into their little blogging family had come up with a new meme.  You can see from the title what the theme is but I'm posting two videos.  The first is from Grease 2. I dont care what anyone says, its way underrated and has some of the best lines me and the lifelongs have ever stolen from a movie.  "Good idea, invest in a cycle".  Michelle Pfeiffer is scorching hot in this flick as well, still is.

The host of this is Boxer.  I didn't know the limit was three minutes Boxer.  I'll do a better job of adhering to the rules next week. Apologies.

The second is from "The Music Man".  I ran the spotlight for this play at MHS.  Mostly because I have no other talent.  Anyway, this is my mom's favorite musical, barely edging out "Oklahoma".  Awesome barbershop in this.  Man, I can hardly wait til next Wednesday.  This is neato!!


K9 said...

michelle pffifer looks like shes about 20 years old here! i never saw it but its a great choice! ive never seen the music man either. thats what happens when you are confined to a kennel.

congratulations on you haiku win!

Jenny said...

I loved GREASE and I think I remember watching GREASE 2, but I don't remember this scene. It is great. Music Man is one of my old time favorites. Hell, seeing "Opie" sing Gary Indianna is worth the viewing. The three minute rule isn't set in stone, you did great. Thanks for playing this week.

Jenny said...

can you come over and post the titles? Thanks!

Pam said...

There's a line from one of our favorite movies ... something like "i'm as lucky as Michelle Pfiefer's underpants" ... grrrhahaha. Grease2 wasn't a fave but is probably better than I gave it credit for at the time.

The Music Man, however, ... You gotta know the territory! There's trouble, with a capital t, and that rhymes with p and that stands for pool! Til there was you. Great stuff man, great stuff!

moi said...

Michelle Pfeifer is my favorite actress, but I never saw her in this. Mainly because I thought, "Grease Two? Isn't that kind of like making Citizen Kane Two?"

As for wanting a "Cool Rider," funny how women always want the bad boys and when they get them, they wish they hadn't!

Milk River Madman said...

Pfeiffer was 24 in Grease 2.

Not Louisiana Paris France or even Rome, but Gary, Indiana my home sweet home.

That is funny shit and I will use that line to death. You gotta know the territory. Damn right. Oops. Better watch my phraseology.

You need to watch it. Yes, it isn't Grease, but the actors in it have tremendous vocals. Pfeiffer is probably the worst singer in the flick.

Buzz Kill said...

When my kids were little they use to love Grease and Grease2, so I saw quite a lot of both. Michelle Pfiefer was something back then. I must confess I never saw Music Man. Don't know why.

Happy MCW!