Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where do we go from here?

It's 9:09 MST. It looks like there are enough uneducated people to re-elect a guy who couldn't get a job at a convenience store for president, yet again. What is wrong with this country? Obama will insert his will with executive orders and czars.

I am almost 50. I can not believe that after four years of no leadership that so many people would ask for this again. I wish I was my father. He is dead. He won't be alive to see this great nation become so second rate.

Where do we go? We have seen FEMA in the East Coast.  That is what we will have for health care. This is a great example of what the government will do.

I wished I would have saved more money. To leave. Go to Ireland or Belize. Where my money was worth something.

I have no health insurance anymore. I have no social security. The money I have saved for my life is worth nothing now. I should cash out of my 401k, take the hit and move to Fiji. Life is gone with this absolute condescending fuck of a president.

I make good money. Not rich. I can't wait for all of his shit to hit the rest of America. To hell with them. To hell with the people who voted for this and see what will happen. I can afford it. They can't, When we are having riots in the streets, which we have, I'll say "F*** you, you dumb ass, you voted for this. Then I'll calmly shoot the protester in the chest, have a glass of crown, plead insanity in the regime and go about my way.

This is a dark road.  Nine Eleven won't even be a thought. What Obama will do to this nation will far more crippling, We have become "a first rate, second rate nation".

Trust me.


Buzz Kill said...

I feel your pain Madman. Want to take bets as to what the deficit will be in 2016? My gues is at least $50T. People will vote for free money every time.

Uncle Scooty said...

We have reached the tipping point the Dems have strived for - where the takers now outnumber the producers. I hope I am wrong, especially with the House staying Repub, but in addition to the deficit, look for:
- $8/gallon gas
- double your rates for electricity
- a national sales tax
- your 401k contributions will be taxed
- Medical research and innovation will come to a standstill
- No more Israel
- Like the auto industry, the banking industry, and the health care industry, a quasi-nationalization of the energy and transportation industries.
-Hyper inflation because your $ is worth much less due to QE

Bernie said...

We go straight to hell which is what the dumb shits in this nation voted for.

Milk River Madman said...

Well, maybe I was angry when I posted this. Nonetheless, I stand by by words. It's why I would never succeed in politics.