Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random thoughts #?

Things that crossed my mind back in August when I missed a connecting flight. Written while in flight on the plane. I was lucky enough to get one to come home.

1) Vodka and Crown aren't usually a good mix. However, when you miss one flight and get lucky to find another, sometimes you have to roll the dice with Finlander on the plane.

2) If you get a chance to go to Rhinelander WI, fly to Minneapolis and drive the rest of the way.

3) I met a guy in Rock Springs, WY who has a sister in Billings, MT and is single. She owns a resort in Belize. Ellis "I think I have a picture of her on my phone somewhere." Me "I don't need one. I've heard enough."

4) I'm out of shape. I ran through the Minneapolis airport from gate A4 to E10 just in time to see my plane backing away from the gate. I didn't puke but do think I pulled a hammy.

5) I don't mind flying but hate even a hint of turbulence.  I need to get right with God.

6)  Have a seat next to a really hot lady. Probably 25 or so. Where was this 20 years ago? I don't ask for much.

7)  Met some nice guys in Rhinelander. The training facility that Case Construction has is beyond phenomenal. I've never been to any sales training before. Ever. Like Ferris Bueller said when he is playing the clarinet (horribly) "not one lesson."

8)  I hate to admit it but my 40's have been awesome. I used to think that 28 was my favorite age but now I'd have to go with 44. A great year for me all around.  And it's Hank Aaron's number so I have that going for me. Which is nice.

9)  Had lunch with the National Accounts Manager Saturday (remember I wrote this in August) He's the guy I did my huge sale with after the acquisition. He stayed in Bozeman an extra day just so we could meet and have lunch.  He gave me great advice (which I've used immensely since then) and I'm way energized now. I picked up lunch.  He didn't even try to argue with me. I mean c'mon!! Your the National Accounts Manager. At least try.

10)  Here's my deal with that. In the course of this sale, I was in the VP's office when he was talking to Gery (yes with an "e" not his fault) and the VP said if the sale took place outside of our territory, we get and additional % on the sale which was significant. I reminded Gery of this and asked him to verify. He had forgotten all about it. It made us both more money. I'm not saying he owes me, after all he had the buyer, just reach for the tab. Give it an effort.

11)  None of you have a sister who is single? Really?

12)  When I go to Hawaii in January, I'm flying first class.  Edit: I'm not going to Hawaii. My Mom turned 80 in November and we had a big blowout in Phoenix over New Year's for her.  All of her kids and grandkids were there.  At the last minute I offered to fly her five sisters down for the party.  Three of them took me up on it. Best money I've ever spent. And, I vaulted into "All Time Favorite Nephew" status.  Hard to do when you have 34 first cousins.   Ralph, this does not mean for one second we aren't going to Cooperstown this year so for God sake get your shit together. Just for once.

13) I'm glad I found this.  Wrote it in a little notebook I seldom use. Came across it yesterday.

14)  The Prodigy  had to put down his beloved black lab Hogan yesterday.  He was 13.  A great gentle beast and one of my dog's best friends.  He was 120 pounds and not a mean bone.  When I would bring Sloan to Sheridan, Hogan always let her rule the roost.  Sleep well Hogan.  You have a friend at the Rainbow Bridge who is lonely.  You both have someone to play with until TP and I get there.  Be patient though doggers.  It will be a while.

Safe journeys,



chickory said...

Ive heard enough too. Lets go as a package deal. I have missed you. are you back? back for now anyway. Happy 2012 friend. still waiting for those big sky photos. :-)

Milk River Madman said...

Oh Chickory,
I've missed this so much. I don't know if I'm back or not. Would like to be at least a twice a week poster but life is in flux and when I get home. Blah.

When I'm driving, I think of so many things but when I get to my hotel, all I want to do is fall asleep to South Park.

Things might be changing for the better. I've visited a lot of blogs tonight and miss you all so much. Need to elevate my game. Best wishes.

And it's not a "package deal" Just sayin.

Pam said...

I've always wanted to go to Belize. Heh. Sounds like you are in fine spirits, MRM, and still on the prowl for The One. ;)

Milk River Madman said...

See #11. Not really a "prowler" not in my chemical make up.

Anonymous said...

In reading all your random thoughts I realized that most of your sales territory is in places I've never heard of. Rhinelander, Rock Springs...what 3rd world country are you visiting? bwahahaha

My sister L is available. Although she just started dating a lawyer with money. Can you hang with that? I just talked to guy I use to work with who divorced about 2 years ago. He does really well on eHarmony. He says he has so many dates, he feels like a gigolo. All professional women who treat him to their vacations. He's in Hawaii right now. Just saying...

Good to have you back Madman.